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  1. Still looking for one last manager to pay, we are drafting today!
  2. 1 last spot is available, the rest 11 managers have paid!
  3. Hello, I am running a yahoo redraft bball late start league for 3rd straight year. It has always drafted during the season (like a tradition), starting counting stats from week5. More details: $200 buyin, h2h, 9cats, daily lineups, auction draft either this or next weekend, leaguesafe for payments, payouts for top4 overall teams. So far 5 managers have paid on leaguesafe and 12 have registered in the yahoo league. Send me a PM or reply to this thread with your yahoo/leaguesafe email addresses in order to send you invites.
  4. U can get a refund immediately but opening a ticket in the leaguesafe support.
  5. Too late now... The league is filled up and all 14 managers have paid!
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