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  1. Yeah, I'm really betting on second-round value Nurk with this trade, which I guess at this point seems like kind of a longshot. Grant looks like he's going to absolutely smash his draft day price and Turner, always one of my late-round go-tos, looks like he is healthy and really ready to bring it this season. I guess they'll likely be too good to gamble on Nurk reaching his absolute ceiling. I will add my league is Salary Cap Dynasty and I have Turner and Grant locked down for a combined 3$ lol. I'd be getting back a 16$ Nurk, which is also a great value, but would give me less flexibili
  2. 10 team H2H 9-cat I floated an offer for Nurk a few days back involving Turner and Grant, which was rejected straight away. Now that Nurk has a couple of duds under his belt his owner has come back at me with the exact same offer, but with Grant looking like he can live up to the minutes and USG in Detroit and Turner looking like he has rounded the corner back to being heavily underrated, am I giving up too much? I'd be grabbing either Otto Porter Jr. or Lamarcus Aldridge off of my waiver wire after the trade goes down. I'm leaning Nurk as I truly believe he will have a career seas
  3. I see that as WCJ and Garland for Nurk and White, which is a clear win, but you have some big question marks at the end of your roster. I like Dort, Bazley and Boucher as productive guys moving forward but each has work to do to prove they can maintain their current level of output. I think the real decision you need to make is whether or not you want to bet on all three with the Nurk trade or drop one of them for an inevitably more productive option in White. All that being said, I would go for Nurk. The season is still young and you still have plenty of time to maneuver your way around
  4. I agree with what's been said thus far. SGA perhaps has a slightly higher fantasy ceiling as a more versatile contributor, but we know what we are getting from Simmons and that is elite counting stats with a bevvy of stocks on great FG%. He hurts you if you lack 3pt shooting elsewhere on your roster or you have no high attempt/high% FT shooters, but with a properly constructed roster he can be absolutely devastating. In a 9-cat I think Simmons is the safer pick with his relatively high AST/TO, but I think it's basically a toss up at this point. SGA can be added to most teams without really hur
  5. I'm guessing the trade is Mitch Robinson for Griffin? I don't like it, but I don't think it's some league-balance-shifting "WTabsoluteF" type trade. Griffin still has the name brand and I assume a lot of owners don't really know what they have in Robinson when he gets 2 blocks and under 10 points seemingly every game. That being said, I'd veto the trade if it were my league and one of your league buddies was definitely a little too comfortable dropping that $150 to play fantasy lol.
  6. I'd keep curry but if you want to throw out a somewhat insulting offer for Simmons and Wood do it. I just don't see even a prime Lord Covington and Simmons combining to do what Curry and a replacement-level player could do ROS. This is coming from an owner of both players who would leap at the opportunity for Curry just for giving up those two. The only enticing thing in the offer are the stocks you'd be getting back. Curry will get you steals but RoCo and Simmons could easily combine for 6 stocks per game. Flipside is Curry is getting you high-volume efficient scoring and league-leading 3PM.
  7. I'd go for Dort at this point as his role seems a bit more solid and he has more defensive upside
  8. My deal is I'm in a keeper auction league. Last year, I got PG for 39$ - a legit steal for the season he had. This year his value has increased to 42$ and with all of the concerns regarding him missed time and shoulder surgeries, I just really don't know if he's worth it. I'm leaning towards keeping him because I'm it's a H2H league and the rest of my keepers are stacked (and with good value too, won the league last season). I'm thinking slot PG into IR, stream that position, and try to nail some cheap picks in my draft. I also had the thought that I could drop him and try to redraft him for l
  9. 🙏 May the Lord bless you and keep you (in 1st place). 🙏
  10. Embiid is carrying me so hard right now. 3 out of his last 5 games he's had AT LEAST 39/13/2 blks Thank you, you Cameroonian monster.
  11. As a Grizzlies fan let me tell you that playing Jeff Green is pretty much always a net negative. Even when he plays well, that just buys him more minutes, which of course is bad. Regardless of the flow of the game, having Porter on the bench in the fourth is just a bad look in so many ways.
  12. lol John Wall acting like he hits a game winner by cutting the lead to 1 with 3 minutes left, Orlando proceeds to go on a 5-0 run
  13. Why is Brooks playing Oubre and Jeff Green in the fourth quarter of a close game??
  14. Doc keeps this guy chained to the bench for the rest of the league's sake. Literal chains.
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