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  1. I had Milsap in my 10 team league and dropped him over a week ago. He gave me a solid 3 weeks but has gone downhill since. My league doesn't have waivers and he's still sitting there. I'm surprised Favors isn't on the WW in my league as well. There should be better value on the wire, even if it's temporary. Favors and his knees just don't offer enough for a 10 team league. Save your #3 spot.
  2. What Sosa ^^^ said. Just keep an eye on House though. He's had some injury issues lately. You could look into picking up Luke instead until House is back healthy and in line ups. But you would be better off either way. House is gold when he's healthy.
  3. I would pick them both up. It's a long season. If you can stay afloat without any IL slots, I would try to grab them both. Ayton for JRich and I'm not sure who else I would drop for Collins. You have a squad.
  4. I like this idea as well. Keep Holmes. If you can't do a 2 for 1, I would look to maybe move Washington for bagley, slide him into your extra IL slot and pick up Lamb since he's coming back soon.
  5. I don't know how I missed this. Drop his a** like a bad habit.
  6. True. Do you think Adams will turn it around eventually?
  7. That's my thinking on it. Love and Adams would have to land in perfect spots in order to increase their value. I just don't know if I should take that risk. It might be the perfect opportunity to let them go without dropping much in production. My FG%, 3's, Points, and Blocks go up. The only major drop off is boards, and I'm miles ahead of almost everyone in the league in that cat, and that's with Ayton out. Everything else is a very insignificant drop off. I'm just worries about Zingis and his injury history. Thanks for the help.
  8. Obviously Luka is the best player in the deal, but in a 16 team league, it's kind of tough. Where are you going to find the production you're giving up for a 2-1 trade on the WW? Any notable names on the wire? Help if you can. Thanks in advance.
  9. Who else does he have besides Schroder? He'll be in and out of the ww. You can get more for Kyrie. Help if you can.
  10. True. Good way to look at is. I would do Forbes. You can get that kind of production on the wire with a streamer.
  11. Hield has been playing cute, but Ja and Conley will get back to where they belong in no time. That's too much for Hield. Help if you can.
  12. Who wins this trade? Will it work for my team? Team is in signature below.
  13. I would drop Cody for House as well. I just did the same. Cody is a headache to own. Very inconsistent.
  14. You would have even more of a headache with this trade. I'm sure this is why it was offered in the first place. I would be trying to dump those guys off as well.
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