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  1. More and more leaking out about Dak being injured. Something seems very off about all this. Wouldn't blame anyone for benching them both.
  2. I knew I wasn’t seeing things! Feels good to have some explanation. Feels bad this may still be hanging over Cooper next week.
  3. Dak didn't look right to me, either. Almost wondered if something was off with his throwing hand.
  4. Raiders Expected to Release Michael Crabtree Wow...
  5. He's still over 70% owned in Yahoo. Things get ugly fast in deeper leagues especially.
  6. I think if Cooper is out I'll lean towards starting him (for reference: over Gordon for WR3), but it's Carr that bothers me the most. He's just not been right this whole season.
  7. That's pretty much a 100% drop, right? No way he goes from "no idea" to "starting" in 4 days, and I don't see how you start him even if he's somehow cleared for week 16.
  8. Cooper is active. We downgrading Crabtree at all?
  9. Is anyone seriously trusting him with both Cooper and Crabtree out? My other options are Mariota (ugh) and Dalton on the wire (argh). This is what I get for not holding a backup QB before Rodgers got hurt.
  10. Where's the easiest place to get this info? Seems like "revelations" about O-lines always come out after the fact to explain why a player either busts or goes off. Is this information just not properly built into rankings and other discussions? Or is it still just not really a reliably predictable factor?
  11. Thought getting Gronk in the 3rd round this year was a steal. Lately I'm not so sure.
  12. Lowering my expectations but pretty much forced to roll him out there. Upside is still higher than replacement-level, which is what I'd be using instead. Starting to feel like one of those situations where everyone dumps on a situation (Cam) and then the very next game the complete opposite happens. We can hope, right?
  13. He's boom/bust. Last night he busted. It wasn't quite as bad as the box score - at least one of the targets could have been a TD. Only 3 targets in general is bad, but most of the game just felt like AZ couldn't really get momentum going. I'm holding for now but he's a risky flex play, which is pretty much what all Arizona WR's have been the last couple years that aren't named Fitzgerald.
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