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  1. lovin' this guy. I'm in 2 finals because of him
  2. Based on...? Besides the dud on Friday against Celtics I think he's been hot. Worth an add if you need boost in stocks
  3. Is this guy a drop candidate? I've been carrying his dead weight for the past weeks but can't afford to slip in the final. GSW conceding the conference top seed is a factor here.
  4. drop city. Unless you're in 14 or 16 teamer perhaps..
  5. feel free to hold as I agree with your solid ros notion. But many can see Atlanta unleashing Collins and the other youths more often at some time (double double with 4 blocks today) so that might bring Dewayne some neg effect
  6. You are too rational for these threads. This is fantasy forum, let us dream big
  7. Biyombo. For immediate productions and the reason you mentioned. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/691831-dipo-tatum-for-my-kemba-bogdan/
  8. Do it, your team needs some big man stats badly.. marc, kieff, nance and even blake won't give you enough. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/691831-dipo-tatum-for-my-kemba-bogdan/
  9. Not I'm not a fan of losing Dinwiddie and although SImmons is playing like a stud, he wont really give you what you need (rebs and blocks). You look more like a winner in Trade 2 given what you need, although Dennis is the better player but he's surplus to your team. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/691831-dipo-tatum-for-my-kemba-bogdan/
  10. Leaning towards it but should I consider it? Rest of my team: Blue Arrow, Rubio, Ingles, Covington, Giannis, Markieff, Love, Dedmon, Larry Nance, Chriss, Rivers thoughts appreciated.
  11. Prince 1/10 with a quarter to go. Now going for the plaster ceiling..
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