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  1. same dilemma. I should have activated my extra players rather this one that is announced way too late.
  2. i stashed him then drop after the rest. lol. i just dont like him that he cant take a 3 pointer.
  3. when we all thought before he is the waiver wire pickup of the year!
  4. might be a pickup moving forward. dropping keldon for this dude.
  5. any chance he plays tomorrow? might have been just a fake injury because of b2b?
  6. doesnt fit my build though. tank free throw but made up with rebounds. Guess I can still win 5-4 each week.
  7. relax it will be garbage time special and he will get same minutes with horford.
  8. meeee. to verify or have some kind of assurance that I did right even my gut already says yes. hahaha
  9. he is clear at 25mins a game behind horford. How much more they resting horford tomorrow even it's not b2b.
  10. problem is it's a blowout that's why they play their youngs minutes
  11. why he is not back in game. trade this guy ASAP!
  12. i shouldnt have activated this guy back up if werent for my lineup injuries.
  13. looks like new coach not using him more minutes.
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