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  1. I think a lot of people play in leagues that have weekly lineups so you can't just pump every pitcher you own into your lineup everyday. Having said that, I'm taking advantage of the RP eligibility and starting him for the long first week. As has been mentioned, it's boner time.
  2. They also basically said Peralta would be the #5. That is interesting, as well.
  3. Sounds like a carefully measured and thoughtful response to a question that he probably got a few days earlier and wanted to spend a few days thinking over before he got back to them. I'm going to trust it implicitly.
  4. I'm getting a Bench Heat 2.0 feel from this guy. That's not based on any actual facts, analysis or logic, just sniffing the bathroom air. I'm going all-in.
  5. I'm weekly H2H points so pitchers are already the prime commodity but if we're looking at a compressed season (lots of double headers) then having a strong and deep pitching rotation will be a huge advantage. There will be more two-start schedules than normal so if you can constantly throw up quality arms doing that it would be lethal.
  6. I like this guy a lot I just don't see any scenario where he pitches more than 120 innings. It would be one thing if he was going to start the year, pitch his 120, and then stop, you could draft him, use him, then cut loose. But it's not going to work like that. He's going to get jerked around and have starts skipped at the last second (I'm weekly lineups) or get sent down to pace him. I'm not trying to say he's not worth grabbing, just that he's one of those young guys that's going to require constant maintenance and if I can't rely on him to make both of his starts that week then I prob
  7. I think he's good for 15 wins. I think we get the nasty Eovaldi all season. Everything seems to be pointing to the Sox sucking balloons of squirrel diarrhea which means they're the out-of-nowhere no-one-believed-in-us team. Full disclosure: I ate potato chips for dinner last night so I'm probably not the person to bank on their insight.
  8. I like to party.

  9. I'm not going by ADP, I'm going by their rankings.
  10. Weird. I pulled my numbers from my active draft room, which is constantly in flux (Chris Sale is dropping by the hour).
  11. Those rankings places must not include CBS. They have him as the 19th best 1B (~160 overall).
  12. I'm overly cautious which is why I like to go with the young gun who seems poised to take the next step over the 35 year old machine who just can't do any wrong. It's why I went with Cole last year over the higher-ranked vets. I don't necessarily think there's "risk" to the veteran guys to the point where it should be discussed in their individual threads, but, as a personal philosophy, I'm more of a "cut them too early rather than too late" type of manager.
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