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  1. Makings of a fantasy breakout. - team is better and winning with him in the lineup - youth movement - taking over an old traffic cone on defense with a lingering injury - coach that is savvy enough to play winning players I’m all in.
  2. Feel like this opportunity has given him the confidence to get going even after PG returns. Lue has stated an interest in seeing him become the old Lou. Personally torn between rostering him or Poeltl.
  3. I see shades of CWood here.. but the Knicks are rumored to be in for DRose which would make the PG rotation a whole lot more crowded and kill his value. Y'all still holding?
  4. At this point I've accepted we're not going to see top-15 in punt AST RoCo anymore. Or top 40 in 9cat. Just remain rosterable in standard leagues. Anything better than that is a bonus.
  5. Ok screw it. I really don't see how they can even LET this guy go OFF as a starter all the time and yet just live with him sucking when he comes off the bench. They have to figure it out. I mean really. They have to. I'm holding. Pick him up, ask questions later when everyone's healthy.
  6. Even as a starter there has been a significant drop off in his production compared to last year. Shot attempts are down. Ball handling responsibilities are down. MPJ plays over him at times. Top 120 I can see that but defo not top-60 or top-75 like we all predicted at the start of the season.
  7. Is he even a pickup in standard leagues? He's still the same a** player, he's only getting minutes because of foul trouble - what has changed?
  8. Hoping he take minutes away from other bench players as the team gets healthy. Run a short rotation. 30 minutes off the bench playing the backup PG/SG/SF is very possible. He deserves it. Flynn/Thomas/Stanley Johnson all had their run.
  9. Loving this line today but those turnovers ain't it, chief.
  10. He looks so damn good as a starter. Ugh they HAVE to find a way to keep him going once everyone's healthy, right? Gonna hold and see how this plays out.
  11. He took 14 shots. I'll take that line on an off night.
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