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  1. Actually looked good and had the ball quite a bit in his hands in his limited playing time. Closed the game as well. Looks like the arrow's pointing up.
  2. I know ranks aren't everything but just some food for thought.. He was ranked #94 in 9cat over that 5 game stretch as a starter. Rank-wise, not exactly league-winning upside. Great counting stats but the lack of 3s and FT% is a bummer. Definitely rosterable if your team needs his production, however.
  3. He heard y'all talking sh*t about his 'lack of production'.
  4. I wonder if this benching could be a sign that teams recognise his body isn't suited for consistently heavy minutes anymore. After all, he has a reputation for picking up injuries. Come to think of it, the Bulls benching him for Pat Williams at the start of the season not only made sense from a youth development perspective but also from a injury prevention perspective. Will watch and see over the next few games if this slow start is just the result of the Magic trying to acclimate him to the team and playbook, or if there's more to it than it seems. On paper, he should be starting a
  5. I watched the game. He was aggressive initially, then foul trouble limited him in the first half. 3rd and 4th quarter was the Dame/CJ show while Norm sat in the corner. Let's hope the coaching staff tries to get him going. They did give up quite a bit for him.
  6. Gonna see if this lineup sticks or he's coming off the bench to get his legs warm. The opportunity is there. They can't possibly be starting Ennis over him at SF forever.
  7. He’s good. Real good. Unfortunately had to drop him post-deadline for OPJ based on the certain minutes but you never know if Bledsoe will be dropped once Lonzo comes back.
  8. FWIW I had this same dilemma with those 2 and Plumlee and didn't pull the trigger. Think the new change in scenery will help him - but he hasn't shown any flashes of fantasy stud upside.
  9. Not getting bought out apparently. Took a flier on him dropping NAW. He’s on a contract year. He’s in the perfect opportunity to showcase himself. He doesn’t want to get bought out.
  10. Tony Bradley isn’t worth anything.
  11. I think he starts at SF pushing Covington to PF. Splits time between first and second unit. Takes up GTJ and Hood’s minutes. 30+ MPG, business as usual.
  12. Actually feel this doesn’t hurt his value as much. They gave up a lot of depth. Might be a 6th man or starting SF. Free reign to run the second unit.
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