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  1. He started off this season so great. Now he’s destroyed my fg% together with Marvin Williams..
  2. I've watched a couple of bucks game this year because of Bledsoe and it seems like he only needs 2 or 3 minutes per quarter to get to his 15 points, 1 three pointer, a couple of rebounds and assists stats. the stats come in a flurry most of the time, and other times it seems like he's just coasting. wish he could stay engaged for the whole time he's on the floor, he would be putting up huge numbers... (sorry my bad english. am not a native speaker.)
  3. Drafted him and have him on my bench for 12 weeks now...12 damn weeks. Even Boogie Cousins is coming back next week... this is so frustrating
  4. Xrays are negative. I don't think this is too serious.
  5. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/basketball/news/wizards-otto-porter-injures-thumb/ Porter injured his thumb in Tuesday's loss to the 76ers, but X-rays came back negative, Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington reports. While the X-ray results are good news, Porter indicated following the game that his thumb still felt numb. The Wizards have a rematch against the 76ers on Wednesday in the second half of a back-to-back set, so his status is certainly up in the air. Expect an update once more clarity on the situation is provided.
  6. Source? I just checked rotoworld and they haven't said anything about an injury.
  7. I literally have a hard time sleeping because of fantasy basketball. Player injury is taking a toll on my health. I'm thinking about seeing a psychiatrist about it.
  8. I lost Barton, Dunn and John Collins at the start of the season. With just one IR spot, I dropped Dunn, stashed Collins and Barton, thinking Barton had better upside. Now whenever I see Dunn’s stat line I would get so mad that I made this stupid decision of keeping Barton...
  9. I'm going with 0/5. He's disappointed me for 12 weeks and I think it will continue like this. I wish I never drafted him, and I'm sure I will never draft him again.
  10. Pretty nice line today. I picked him up two days ago as a streamer but think I will keep him until he starts to drop off. Anyone who's seen the game, think he's for real?
  11. Prince was expected to miss at least three weeks of action after an MRI revealed a ligament sprain, bone bruise and soft tissue inflammation in his left ankle, and Wednesday will mark the end of Week-3. He has to be close at this point, so maybe he'll be able to get back out there for Friday's game in Minnesota or Saturday vs. Cleveland. Kent Bazemore and Kevin Huerter will continue to benefit while he's out. The note sounds like pure speculation based on the initial report that he will be out "at least" three weeks. There're no updates from the Hawks, no news of him doing any
  12. At this point, I'm just glad he's getting 25 mins a night. I got him for 10 bucks at an auction draft and a double double with 2 blks is all I expected from him.
  13. This probably means he's out for at least another week I think. Only shooting and no contact.
  14. did the same thing. 2 30 min games in a row. I think they need someone to spread the floor and i hope he'll be replacing taj gibson at some point
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