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  1. agreed, but also a lot of people have gone untested meaning a lot of cases are still unreported especially the minor ones. the numbers are still inaccurate both ways.
  2. had af eeling myles turns it around w/ dipo back
  3. combine that with the fact that the US isn't even testing ppl appropriately.... numbesr about to spike according to some NYC ER doctor
  4. his lines are looking more solid. perhaps crowder of boston? lol i put a flier for him. hopefully snag him. only issue is positions for me but I think i will make the swap, lately bjelica hasnt been aplying so hot
  5. clearly its you who has the issue. IM talking abotu sato not dunn... youre calling sato who averages 8 shots a game a black hole. please go away
  6. you guys surely have something better to do than talk **** about a guy who spends all his focus on fantasy. theres bigger problems like what to do next year since fantasy basketball sucks diq now
  7. im baffled too honestly, but who cares, mitch is 52nd on the year and 36th over the last month
  8. wtf are u watching lol a guy who averages 28 mins a game and shoots 8.5 times on average a game is a black hole? okay.
  9. agreed lol, theres no value in picking iron men anymore
  10. probably not, he was on fire cuz he shot 50% from 3 in Jan and 40%+ from 3 in Feb. dont expect a career 44% shooter to keep it up rest of season
  11. I dont think dunn was handling the ball in front of lavine or sato.
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