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  1. What happened? Did he get injured? Ejected?
  2. Birch has been waived now so hopefully this opens him up more. I haven’t been disappointed so far even with last nights line.
  3. Will MPJ still be good with millsap coming back?
  4. 10 team 9 cat (DDs instead of TOs) thoughts? Which side wins?
  5. Getting really frustrated with Covington and I’m thinking it might be worth it to take a risk on Mitchell. Thoughts?
  6. It’s Mitchell Robinson not Donovan Mitchell.
  7. I’m in a 10 team 9 cat league. It’s double doubles instead of turnovers though
  8. Oh are you on mobile? I thought it was showing up in my signature, but here's my team: Guards: Russel Westbrook, Kyle Lowery, Victor Oladipo (IR), Josh Hart, IT2, Lou Williams Fowards: Draymond Green, OG Anunoby, Caris Levert, Marvin Bagley, Jaylen Brown Center: KAT, Nikola Vucevic
  9. Who should I drop for him? I feel like a lot of people on this forum are dropping IT2 but I feel like if he does breakout again he would be more valuable than a short time investment like Josh Hart. Your thoughts?
  10. For some reason someone dropped Jonathan before his huge game last night and I feel like I'm not going to use my bidding money on anyone anyways so should I spend it all on him to make sure I get him? I feel like it'll be a lock for me on steals and blocks if I get him. Thoughts? I'll still be able to pick up guys but I wont be able to put money on anyone to make sure I get them when they clear waivers.
  11. You got any suggestions on who I should trade and what my targets should be?
  12. Thank you for the advice! And wow, you're definitely right. I don't think I will do well in any of the percentages. I'll just have to pray for good FG% each week and that no one misses a lot of free throws.
  13. I would 100% do the first trade. Don't make trades too big. Just settle for the ole 2 for 1 and get a player like Gobert. Heres mine if you'd like to help!
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