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  1. This kid is godly. I think he was my second or last pick too. What a steal
  2. Yea. Just hopped on so I can stream him for rest of the weekend. We’ll see if he stays on my squad past Sunday lol
  3. Awww man. I dropped dis dude before this explosion of games too. #feelsbadman
  4. I threw Clarke in there too actually but we’ll see. They’re at bottom of the league anyways so I’m trying to see if they bite lol
  5. Yea kind of disappointed with him this season. TBF didn’t really know what to expect anyways but thought he’d be much better. I’m trying to trade him for Jrue at the moment 🤞🏽
  6. Soon come! Need him to reward us for all the waiting lol
  7. Just picked him up and dropped Dunn on impulse. This could go really bad for me lol
  8. He was off to a pretty nice start, it's just a bit of a fence rather than a wall he's hit I hope. I think the minutes are good so I'm hoping he finds a bit of a groove once the team establishes themselves a bit more. The leash will be long with this one. hahha
  9. Wouldn't give it too much of a thought really. Was a back to back and apparantly the Bulls hound guards. Hopefully he's icing himself today and getting proper rest for tomorrow lol. Hawks vs Kings should be a fun one.
  10. Didn't catch game due to work but I saw highlights of him saucing on the Spurs! TRAAEE Baby!!
  11. Looks to be another poor showing? I own both he and MBIII
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