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  1. No unfortunately you do not have a drop. They are both worth owning may be worth trying to throw out some 2-1 to see if anything sticks
  2. Hi guys. been offered KAT and wiggins For my booker + MPJ and djonte murray. what does think. Getting top 5 player so could be league breaker. Also MPJ and booker been not doing as well as expected WHIR
  3. I would do that. You are upgrading both players in my opinion. Easy win.
  4. That seems okay. Personally I wouldn’t accept and I feel you don’t have a package for Beal. Maybe try draymond and pj for a guys like jrue. Or draymond straight for a point guard.
  5. Adams could be top 50 in right build but you have good free throw. Adams should have a huge year so I would think Adams. However felon suits your build more but could be back on waivers in a week quite easy in my opinion
  6. You could wait a few weeks and try sell even higher for sabonis. But it’s a fair trade and JJj has higher upside at some stage whether it is this year or not we will have to wait to see
  7. I go with levert still on the up and has number two reign al year. Nunn too much risk and maybe be bit empty if you look at his line today
  8. Siakam and bam. Both look real good and will have good season.
  9. Been offered RJ Barrett for my holmes. I’m Punting turn overs. Probably could handle his percents.
  10. Oooo tough one with Conley. I think I would ride this out. NBA is tough man and players are managing things all the time. Conley is a sure top 30 player. Keep him
  11. Points league not sure. I'm sure blake waiters and evens actually real good in points league. Covington probably looses value in points league. And free agents harder to come by in 14 leagues so would probs keep blake waiters evens
  12. As described my vucevic Lowry and lamb for kawhi Leonard? Thoughts?
  13. Producing elsewhere and shot wasn't falling. not that bad and been shooting pretty well recently. nothing to worry about all number pointing to good year if fit
  14. COuple great games looking up and getting more assists with the shooters
  15. As a bledsoe owner am slightly worried. It was gonna be difficult to predict both warren and booker becoming scoring machines. But ah well we stuck with him now. but many other factors point to not being so worried. firstly his playing good minutes. Phoenix playing a 3rd league wide pace. his actually just shooting bad now when those number trend up including going back to his career average free throw then he'll be much better. And this includes his 3 point shot. steals and blocks have no correlation with usage and should return when he gets going.
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