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  1. This dude blew up today. He's a 1st round pick next year.
  2. I saw JT had like 16 points or so at the half in my league, and I thought going into halftime he was gonna easily get over 30 Why Indy didn't ride the hot hand so to speak in the 2nd half with a 2 score lead is anyone's guess.
  3. Was only watching RedZone, but it seems like the coaches blew that game playing around. They were up 2 scores in the second half and should have controlled the clock and fed Taylor. Instead they got cute with Rivers and it cost them. I'd love to have Taylor again next year but the way he was used this year was so frustrating.
  4. I somehow won my league despite owning CMC. 12 team half ppr: Kyler, Herbert CMC, Carson, JTaylor, Dobbins Julio, Cooks, Chark, TY Hilton, AB L.Thomas, J.Smith Koo Pitt/Ind Defense
  5. Well my friends, it's been one hell of a rollercoaster of ride for us CMC owners. [...] I just wish he was put on IR so we wouldn't have to go through this false hope every week regarding his playing status. It's been frustrating to say the least. I wonder how different this scenario would have played out if the Panthers were in playoff contention. Would he play or is he seriously hurt? Dude can't even get in a limited practice?
  6. I am torn, will probably be without Julio again and I dropped Chark so I have these 4 cats to roll with...but who?? I think Cooks for sure since he's playing Cincy, but what about my WR2? TY has a touch matchup vs Pitt, AB has DET but so many mouths to feed on that offense, and Sanders is a WR1 against a beatable Minny secondary but can Brees get him the ball?
  7. Guys, I thought Pitt's D was going to be an advantage for me in the playoffs, but going into the championship and I'm having serious doubts about starting them against Indy after losing 3 in a row and making Finley look like an all-pro QB last night. My other option is I have Indy's D as well. Do you think I should roll with them against Pitt?
  8. Tough call. Washington's pass rush is legit. Chicago's defense hasn't been playing as well. It's actually been their offense that's given them a boost.
  9. Gonna add Flash just to have him on my roster for the championship.
  10. Crazy how this has happened to him during the bye week lol. Guys, just count on not having him this week or if you're lucky enough to make it to the championship. That way, if he comes back it'll be a nice surprise, but I have some serious doubt. Not sure why they just don't put him on IR. I mean, he's not even practicing AT ALL.
  11. Lol I haven't forgotten, but injuries/busts have plagued my WR core so Hilton is my WR1/2 and I feel pretty good about it.
  12. Owning CMC has been a such a headache. 2 years ago I had him and won my league. The following year I had the 3rd pick and had a chance to grab him, but took Kamara instead thinking he would break down due to usage. Goes on to have a historic year both in real life and fantasy. This year I had the 1st pick and I grabbed CMC. Have had him for a grand total of 3 games. He finally comes back after the dreaded high ankle sprain only to sprain his shoulder in the final seconds of his first game back. Seems to be on track to return after their bye just in time for the playoffs, but tweaks his thigh d
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