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  1. Going by your sig, you can do better if you're referring to your 6 team league. For the rest of us in 12 teamers, the upside is whats tempting, as long as he gets the minutes.
  2. boy that space jam juice workssss! On a general note tho, if you a true basketball fan there should be no hate towards this man at all. Just be thankful you were able to witness a great offensive player and enjoy the show while they play
  3. Lonzo would prolly lob it to the 30th row judging by the confidence he's showing right now.
  4. Melo managed to turn this man into a believer.
  5. Have no idea why I keep checking this post.
  6. Folks, having a tough time deciding who to drop to activate Hayward from the IL so decided to get some opinions. Tried clearing space with 2 for 1 trades but trades just dont happen in my league. Team in signature.
  7. For the dude who asked a few posts ago.. I sent myles + rose for blake griffin.. got friendzoned Also, no one is interested in any form in the chat group where I was offering more.
  8. Trying to shop him in my league, no one even blinked.
  9. I have both on my roster just waiting on these Adams trade talks to materialize.
  10. Second half last night Derozan took over, moving away from the hot start he had and that was the end of it for LMA.
  11. Spot on. Obviously they are keeping up on any news/stats seeking reassurance, demonstrating they are not 100% sure of the move they made.
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