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  1. I LOVE you guys here ♥️❤️
  2. Please be okay othani 🙏🏼 What a turn of events. Momentum shifted that quickly.
  3. Definitely the blue bird. And as mentioned above, the local beat writers covering those teams are who you should follow. Google the names for them.
  4. What if you get a last minute injury and want to add someone off the waivers? You have to wait until the next day to do so smh.
  5. Someone said he's a baby Tobias Harris 2.0 and I couldnt agree more.
  6. What's the deal WITH yahoo's waiver wire system? You have to bid for players and claim them on a certain day? No more adding a player freely?
  7. What's with the orange color scheme? 🤢🤮
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