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  1. If Kyrie just opts to not play basketball for an indefinite amount of time, is his salary fully guaranteed? Would the team have any leg to fight paying him?
  2. FYI, I only said this because of the exhausting "just chance the season" posters in football thread. I didn't mean it.
  3. Why only 20 mins tonight? First game I miss and something weird happens.
  4. The Thunder traded Westbrick to the Rockets and got 2 1st round picks and 2 pick swap upgrades. They did this because the trade was seemingly a huge step back for the Thunder trading away their "MVP". The next year the Thunder proceeded to have a better record (winning percentage) after this "step back". RWB makes everyone around him worse. Brooks definitely coaching for his job. Wouldn't surprise me if he reduced Westbricks minutes going forward. Can't bench him, but you can limit him.
  5. He keeps gunning and shooting the way he is then I believe one of 2 things will happen : A. He WILL become a top 50 player B. He WILL be benched I think if he stays this aggressive and active then I lean toward A as a likely scenario. It'll more than likely be a top 50 to close out the season type situation though, because the shots not gonna fix itself immediately and then there's gonna be a lot of ground to compensate for when / if it does.
  6. They have that in Bjelica and tried to draft it with Bagley. Kind of seems that it didn't work out with Bagley though at this point. Kings are still 3-2 and 4 points away from being 4-1. I'm not gonna sit here and say they're onto something, but I will say, it's improved. As a new Haliburton owner I'd obviously love buddy be gone, but he just signed a large contract and I doubt anyone wants it, so I won't bother spinning my wheels on that hope. It's injury increased minutes or hoping he maximizes what he currently gets seems most realistic options for me .
  7. I was being unnecessarily petty by this comment. My apologies. New year, New me!
  8. I love how he's playing. He took 19 shots and 8 3s. Obviously, they didn't fall tonight, but I LOVE the green light. He gets get boards and out of positions assists and he's done OK for steals this YEAR so far. I got him at the back end of the 9th round in a 12 teamer (around where his ADP was) after guys like Bagley, ibaka, and Payton. He's done what I wanted him to do mostly. Are you just gonna come around and talk about his FG% every game? Sounds like a petty hobby. You've done it like 3 games now. I know I didn't
  9. But, why? I read in the Boucher thread a lot of things that make sense to me, but why doesn't it make sense to me here? What is it that Theis actually does do better?
  10. Time lord balling in these blowout minutes. Gonna make me dropping him really difficult. I've got a tough decision this Sunday.
  11. Randle's usage is off the charts right now. If they could send him packing that would free him up to be even greater than Tatum! J/K, don't attack me. But seriously, Randle last night had 16 shots, 9 TOs, and many trips to the FT line. He's gone and this offense is likely going to be split between Payton and RJ, although, it obviously depends on what they get back for Randle.
  12. So are you saying that us normies should be playing the long game and not dropping for Time Lord each time he gets 17 minutes and 2 blocks??
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