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  1. Lol lost by .1 because Gruden took a TO with 13 seconds left in a game he was down by two scores...just so they could complete a 6 yard pass.
  2. I've seen each of these Drake/Williams games and I get why the latter is thrown out there. He's reliable and seems to be a legitimately good pass catcher. He's churned out some tough yards, but obviously his numbers are awful. He had a great catch and run TD in his first game as a starter...I think, for now, he's a solid complement to Drake. I say this as someone who owns Drake in almost every league. He's clearly the better player by any measure (yardage, first downs, eye test), but it would be tough to realistically say a RBBC didn't make sense for Miami right now.
  3. It depends how many keeper slots you have. The reality of the situation is they tried a WR at RB and ran him into the ground to average rushing results and top-tier receiving numbers. Dude got injured and his best role may be as a premier third down back - which isn't that bad of a thing given Chris Thompson's explosion this year. AJ is likely the starter moving forward. I think Aaron looked incredible while out there, but let's temper expectations. This just isn't an offense that projects to support a premier RB--assuming everyone's healthy. It could happen--Lacy had two very soli
  4. While I don't think Henry wins the job this year - what about next? I feel it's an inevitability b/c: 1) DeMarco can be cut for no cap hit and is clearly on his last legs 2) 3 years is a hell of a long time to 'groom' a Heisman winner and clear NFL caliber starter Have him in a keeper, but feel like I'm missing something? Is there any way he's not a 15-18+ touch guy next year?
  5. What's this guys trade value now? Been shot down for everything from Doug or CJ+top 6 TE to a mid range WR2. Are people still viewing him as a low RB1?
  6. Those corners are nasty. Campbell is great on the d-line, but they're forcing a ton of coverage sacks.
  7. It's tough to sell high on a guy like Jones especially this late in the season where most player values have settled. I think Diggs+a Kamara RB2 upside type is what a Jones owner should be looking for. And I just can't see anybody willing to do that. With the state of RBs I'd prefer to just ride it out and roll the dice with Jones.
  8. Hmm, that makes sense. They're not the Colts where guys are just building up offseason value. Fingers crossed Moore plays his usual game.
  9. I don't want to copy/paste it al here because I'm quite lazy, but there's not much of a difference. Last year he has 2 TDs against the niners with Stanton and in 2014 he was hit or miss, but only twice in 11 games did he get under 6 targets. And by hit or miss I mean a floor of 3-4 catches and 30 yards (happened 5 times) and a ceiling of 90-100 yards with a TD sprinkled in on two occasions. The big difference is no David Johnson. That will hurt big time and you'd have to imagine Stanton has gotten worse since 2014. If your enthusiasm was at a 10 before the injury it should be at an
  10. Hmm...would you say he's flex worthy? Admittedly, this is the first time I've owned Parker, but the profile has been that he's a plus talent, but the dolphins choose not to get him the ball for whatever reason (e.g. Tanny dumping it to Jarvis, who runs safe routes with better hands; or parker's immaturity with taking care of his body). The upside here was that Cutler goes nuts for one WR--rode that gravy train with Marshall for many years--then force feeds them like it's Big Ben and Antonio. With that no longer being the case I'm curious where folks would rate him? FWIW Moore has a
  11. Alright man believe what you will, TBH I don't care either way. Obviously this was never reported by the NY Times, but we did suck and did consistently give Hyde long recovery times for run of the mill sprains. If you think he's more injury prone than any other random RB then so be it, but I don't prescribe to that.
  12. Niner fan here. For what it's worth, two of Hyde's long injury layoffs have been because he was our only talented player and we shut him down to not risk his health/assist in tanking. I don't view him as injury prone. He has no lingering ailments like Marshawn with his back and none of his injuries sapped him of athleticism. He's a talented RB that is no more injury prone than any other RB. The main problem here is I have no idea when the niners will ever get to the redzone. Take it for what it's worth, but that's the situation base on what I've seen.
  13. Not totally sure how this will go, but FWIW Lazor has been an OC twice in the NFL. Bills - Started and rode a rookie Travis Henry into the ground despite meh production. Dolphins - Spoonfed a 23 year old Lamar Miller 200 carries, roughly 40 more than the previous year. Also benched the much older Daniel Thomas who had 100(!) carries the year before. This will likely end up being Lamar's best season as a pro. He has an affinity for workhorse RBs and favors young talent. Again, who the hell knows what will happen, but this was the best potential indication I c
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