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  1. Having a surplus of centers, needing more guards, seeing Napier on the wire & the random rest day may be juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust about enough to force my hand to drop him. I doubt anyone has really traded this guy, but I’ll try to anyways... *sigh*
  2. Contemplating jumping off early for Norman Powell with KAT seeming closer, but KAT being ruled out 100 min before game time is somewhat reassuring me dieng will be starting a bit longer...
  3. I’m playing him this week over Slye fwiw
  4. [...] Anyone else looking into this guy?
  5. This kids 3pt shot looks really good tonight, granted it’s the first time I tuned into a Cavs game. Anything to see here? Thinking he could be a 2nd half stud with the steals/3s
  6. Was just coming to rave about the 39 minutes & counting!
  7. You guys dropping or having any success in trading? I got offered Marcus smart & think I’m accepting it smh...
  8. I’m still holding tight in keeper league but gotta say, the outlook is getting dim. Still, too soon for me to drop though.
  9. Am considering dropping for a streamer spot if I don’t get a game from him this week. I’m looking at a 10 team league fwiw
  10. Conley is FINALLY finding him on some alley oops, holy cow it’s like they just realized they had a FG anchor at their disposal haha
  11. I bought in keeper league and am ecstatic I got him before his huge runs. I am very high on him and Pop will give him the keys soon, but I’m also punt FT and it helps me even more to like him.
  12. THIS. I don’t think it’s too extreme to think he won’t play more than 20 games this year, which makes me nervous even typing it. If I need the IR spot, he may go by the wayside for me Of course, I have no idea and it’s all just a hunch but it should be harder for him to want to play when he’s even a little banged up this year too which would be annoying
  13. I just got him as a kicker in a trade because I have open IR slot... not feeling great about it but is there any optimism that he plays again this year? whats the reason he doesn’t play? He likes the game & they can easily still lose with him on the court LOL kidding aside, anyone an optimist?
  14. In my keeper league I was offered Conley for my Nunn/Herro combo Feel I did well & was looking for a streamer spot, but I do still believe in both Miami guards.
  15. Fwiw I was going to give him another week or so before I moved on, but got an offer I could accept including him & felt I may not get that opportunity again. Really hope he plays well, but I’m off the train now Best of luck!
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