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  1. I would have hoped/assumed that Philly's medical staff performed some sort of cluster of orthopedic tests to rule up/down an LCL sprain before letting him back out into the game.. let's hope this is a whole lot of nothing.
  2. So far.. 37 & 11 with amazing FG and FT percentages and 0 TO? *Yawn... give me 5 blocks w that then I'll be impressed
  3. Statistically, one of his better nights.. yet another blowout loss, what is going w. this Wizards team
  4. Into the 3Q and 1/2 FG attempts? I guess it's gonna be another one of em nights for old man LA
  5. I'm still waiting for his return to "sneek" up on me
  6. Is he still starting when KAT eventually returns?
  7. Hopefully this game accelerates him dusting off the rust
  8. Did he get hurt last night? What a shame, he was starting to consistently show uo
  9. I dropped I.Q to stream Noel for blocks last night, I.Q gets 3 blocks and Noel ZERO.. LOL, it hurts less to laugh
  10. RW before he got all pansy would've said "ofcourse I'm playing"
  11. Let's see if HOU babies Dipo and allow him to sit B2B
  12. I remember when this dude was a top 40 player all year round, what happened to this dude.. anywho, I picked him up in a 14 team league, more as a streamer for the week so crossing my fingers
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