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  1. yeah, I don’t see him falling any lower than that. Every podcast will have him as a bounce back candidate.
  2. This may be piling on, but you seem to not want to admit what is obvious and are waiting for someone to tell you it’s ok to screw this guy. This should have been addressed at the draft. You should have cut his team right there if you (league) had an issue with it. You can’t let him AD, take his money, dominate the season, win the championship and then say, oh yeah, remember that rule from August? Completely bush league that you are even considering it. You would have been fine taking his money if he didn’t win. Can’t cry now about the outcome just because you don’t like it.
  3. FTFY The only thing you ever use when evaluating DH
  4. I have them this year and they have been fun to own. I will definitely try to own everywhere next year though as I also expect even more dominance for the reasons you mentioned. Even if I have to go against my normal philosophy of not going over a $1 for DST. Is Big(now even bigger) Ben coming back next year? Haven’t followed at all.
  5. How about next time you come here and tell us your golden insights Before the season starts instead of week 16 😄 Or at least PM me.
  6. It’s a tough balance for sure. I mean, you could argue that since those mid round picks are shots in the dark that it’s more important to have more shots on ones that hit. Guys like KG, Godwin, Ingram, Henry, etc really made your team. Sure hard to predict, but do you think the guys that chased Mahommes 2018 season were happy this year? Sure injury had some to do with that, but he just hasn’t been the same. There are always late round qbs that produce. Lamar being one of them this year. Brees and Winston owners are probably happy they waited. Of course there are a lot that don’t either. But i
  7. I’m an AK owner so I know the pain, but I would be willing to guess Hill success rate is much higher than AKs.
  8. Zach Ertz to get the squirts and be unavailable.
  9. Anyone know why the Pitt DST has 2TDs in ESPN? I feel a stat correction coming, which would mean the end of my season.
  10. Did anyone watch Pitt v Ari? ESPN is showing 2 TDs for the Pitt DST. Yahoo is not. Scoring plays recap only shows one. Am I going to have a TD taken away? That would be devastating if so.
  11. Is the wind something to worry about in CLE? Need to pick between Dalton and Minshew as my 2nd QB.
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