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  1. What's everyone's projection for this animal? I'd say around 27-28...11.5-12...2.7 blocks?
  2. Played well today, he plays even better with Payton controlling the rock. Hopefully back soon.
  3. Darren "John Stockton" Collision. This guy is looking superb this far. I used my waiver on him pre season and was lagged at. Who's laughing now.
  4. He's day to day. Most likely miss 1 or 2 games. Overreaction? Last season he was fine too.
  5. If this guy doesn't finish top 50 this season I'll be shocked
  6. Or this could be the year he actually breaks out. He's shown small samples throughout his career.
  7. How serious is this ankle thing?! So frustrating!
  8. Just picked him up as a FA. Watched his first game and thought he looked really good but wanted to see if he could back it up. He looked even better tonight. Could be a big sleeper this season. Nurk has the potential to blow up, and always gets in foul trouble so that will definitely help Aminu's production.
  9. Looked awesome in the 1st half but went quiet in the 2nd, went into his shell a bit, a bit tentative. Could if been a massive line.
  10. Took him at #1. Predict 24.3/11.6/3.8/2.1/2.8 53.3%/40.7%/89.4%
  11. I'm all aboard the Air Gordon train this season, but 40 is over reaching.
  12. You'd be a good coach at the magic. Better than that waste of space they've got now. Simmons should 100% start the regular season
  13. Reggie back today. Not only back but played 25 minutes. VERY surprising (or dumb, which ever way you look at it). But, positive is he did play 25 minutes and looks pretty damn good. Albeit against a pacers team missing 4 starters, but Reggie was driving to the basket and looked like he had no limitations. Awesome sign for owners.
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