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  1. i think this is mondesis year and im not sure i believe in martes 2019 power spike id rank them mondesi/marte/olson
  2. is happ still MPE? not in any of my leagues, maybe in yahoo? thanks, i agree i think happ is better but you pay a premium
  3. points league, but who is most likely to outperform expectations? Happ Soler Yaz Grisham Kepler
  4. it would be good to know who is available. I personally think that Jarvis is okay but is not likely to be the right guy at pick 12.
  5. yeah it can get pretty stupid for sure. I took it to the extreme this year,, taking leiter, elijah green and dylan crews in a similar setup. Safer than some of the J2 guys that get drafted. HOWEVER, I also took Seth Beer after his sensational freshman season which has not paid off
  6. Yeah I think B is fine although i really like Smyly As far as A, it puts your OF in a tough spot and (I think) Soto is significantly better than Tatis. You have serviceable stopgaps (especially if you trade for Segure) and while its not unfair, Id probably rather have Soto than have to play the WW game with outfielders
  7. Could you keep Yordan Hiura and Gurriel? Seems like youd have an entire team there and be able to focus hard on pitching in the auction. In that case Id do it probably
  8. only one SB last year but double digits every other year i think its possible trout gets 10, im not convinced betts will run enough to get 20. trout is also the better hitter
  9. If soto is there you take him if hes gone you take whoever is left of trout or acuna
  10. that seems reasonable although if someone falls you might have to play the board, depends on whos available
  11. i agree outfield is not very strong but if Robles shows up then maybe enough with that pitching staff
  12. Im not putting too much stock into 19 2020 innings from JH and I think too many people are putting too much stock into 100 ABs from RA. "Both are about as safe as you can get for closers" edited for clarity
  13. Clearly Team A. Lux has many questions left to answer
  14. Hmm so if its Mcneil and Kiriloff for Krob and Bohm I probably take the Bohm side with the understanding that you will probably lose ABs with muncy and will lose 2B in all likelihood next year But to me this looks like a trade just to trade, in fact since Kiriloff is going to play this year it might free up a minors slot to keep him, as KRob is still a few years away. So you could keeo Kiriloff as a MLB player and add a pretty decent MILB player in that spot, right? I think Id stand pat and enjoy the positional flexibility of both Mcneil and Muncy this year
  15. I think Hendriks and Hader are pretty good picks actually. Both are about as safe as you can get although Hader will get traded at some point hes still elite. La Russa loves the conventional closer and Hendriks got paid so hes probably a lock for 40 saves. even if he doesnt get saves, Hader should help you in Ks and ratio, The other choices in this list are uninspiring unless you believe in Randy A or 2B is picked over (Hiura)
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