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  1. Dez, DT, JuJu, Keenan - all four of these offer safe floors and upside. I wouldn't consider starting Corey Davis yet. The Steelers can be a tough match up and I wouldn't be surprised if they kept that offense in check.
  2. Woods: Before the last two weeks he was consistently getting 5 or 6 receptions and yards, now he's scored in back to back weeks. Every week starter for me. Diggs: Back on form after a slump, hopefully he can keep it up. If Rivers is available, I would consider starting Allen because he's offered a safe floor so far in PPR leagues. However, if Rivers is out I would consider starting Cooks.
  3. I'd say it's a fair trade but Kamara is performing at a high level and so is Robert Woods. Plus in this format Woods has been a potential starter most weeks due to the targets and receptions he gets. So I could understand it if he was hesitant at giving up those two players. But like I said, fair trade. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/684232-who-to-start-whir/
  4. I'd stay put and bet on David Johnson returning to high out put next season. At 4th round he's excellent value. Yes there is an argument that Thielen and Hill might start over Evans and Hilton due to those teams quarterback situations, but Hilton always has big game potential and Evans is a stud when he's thrown the ball. So I wouldn't worry too much about your receiving position. Likewise, I wouldn't bet on too many performances like monday night from Newton. He's been underwhelming for the most part as a passer this season outside of one three hundred yard game. His value has been saved by his rushing ability. For me, I'd stay put but I can understand adding those three players to give yourself a better chance this year.
  5. Ryan Collins, Lewis, Williams Thomas, Jeffrey Engram Lambo Chargers
  6. I would start JuJu and Drake over Hogan and Darkwa. Normally I'd pick Hogan over JuJu, but Hogan is not guaranteed to play, and JuJu has been in good form. The flex spot I would give to Ajayi. I would rather hold onto Ajayi than Martin. So I would say it is a fair trade to give Hill and Martin for Julio. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/684232-who-to-start-whir/
  7. I would bench Maclin (the Ravens offense is too inconsistent to trust if you have better options) and Agholor (he's boom or bust). http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/684232-who-to-start-whir/
  8. I am not a huge fan of starting players on TNF. For every Gurley and Hyde, or Ravens defense breakout, I have also suffered some fairly lacklustre points returns. This week I am starting Big Ben against the Titans because I don't have another option, but if I did have your options, I would start Kirk Cousins over Big Ben, but Big Ben over Marcus Mariota. So... Cousins, then Big Ben, then Mariota http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/684232-who-to-start-whir/
  9. I would go with Kenyan Drake. He gets carries and receptions. He's an all round back and if he continues to run the ball well there is a chance that the Dolphins will decide to feed him the ball. He's also got big play ability as well. So there's a lot of appeal to starting him against a bad Buccaneers defense. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/684232-who-to-start-whir/
  10. I would say there is an argument for Sammy Watkins. Yes, in the past two weeks he has caught TDs but in week 9 he only had one reception and in week 10 he only had two receptions. Obviously the Rams have a really good offense right now but Watkins is not getting lots of targets, so as nice as the last two weeks have been, he could easily revert back to weeks 4-7. I would not drop Parker. When he's healthy he's got a lot of ability even with Jay Cutler as his quarterback. Granted this is based on my half point PPR league but his output has been 10, 17, 9, .5, 9.5, and 9 points in the weeks he's been active. So other than the Tennessee game he's got a very good level of consistency. Unlike Watkins, he also gets a significant amount of targets and has a consistent amount of receptions. For me, Parker > Watkins. Now guy I would consider dropping is Zeke. He has said that he is withdrawing his appeal and will now serve his six game suspension. That will mean he is eligible to return for week 16 against the Seattle Seahawks. Now I guess it depends on how long your league plays, if week 16 or 17 is your title game you might want to stash him, but he is arguably droppable in most leagues unless you have the ability to stash him. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/684232-who-to-start-whir/
  11. Scoring format: half point PPR I need to start three from the following group of players (2xWR, 1xWR/RB/TE Flex): - Landry (Fish v Bucs), Crabtree (Raiders v Pats), JuJu (Steelers v Titans), Lee (Jags v Browns), Williams (Fish v Bucs) Which three players should I pick? I also have Witten on my bench but he's cover for Ertz just in case he's pulled pregame again... Thanks and leave a link!
  12. The trade isn't an issue here whatsoever. 1. Her rationale is upgrading her running back position and sacrificing a receiver to get that upgrade. Now I would agree with you that it seems like a bad idea because Jeffrey is a stud receiver and Coleman is the second choice back in Atlanta unless Freeman is hurt or limited. So I personally wouldn't do this trade but I can see the appeal because it gets her running back help and perhaps the scoring format is better suited to starting three running backs and two receivers rather than two running backs and three receivers. 2. Look at his receivers. Richardson, Fuller, and Stills are all boom or bust options. Landry's value is in .5 and full point PPR, not so much in standard. His best receiver is Robby Anderson (never thought I'd say that about a Jets receiver this year) and he's on a bye week. So adding Jeffrey gives him an upgrade at receiver at the expense of one of his running backs. Plus, there is a legitimate argument at starting Thompson or Lewis ahead of Coleman when Freeman is active. Granted this week Coleman stands to be the lead back but when Freeman is active Coleman's production is hard to pin point. So for me this trade is fair. It helps both teams. Granted it isn't one I would make but each to their own. As for benching the defense that doesn't look good especially with the scores were tied. I can understand someone benching their defense if they are leading the match up and don't want to risk their defense getting negative points and costing them the match up (unless of course league rules state you have to start an active player at each position and a defense). But in this case it seems odd to bench the defense in a tied situation when the defense could win you the game. So yes I would say there is a legitimate possibility of collusion, but as you have already found out he believed his defense would go negative and cost him the match up. I appreciate it is hard to believe and you probably know full well what has gone on here, but the only way to stop situations like this is to implement a policy in which every player must start an active player at each position and start a defense.
  13. I don’t play dynasty leagues, but I personally would rather hold a potential top three pick than receive Coleman and a second round pick. There is no guarantee what role Coleman will have going forwards on a rebuilding team. He should command a role, but they do have a returning Josh Gordon who might become a factor for them again, and I have seen them mocked receivers in the first round in 2018. So I’d say Coleman’s position is uncertain. A top pick in next year’s rookie draft could net you someone like a Fournette or Cook calibre player. A potential cornerstone for your team going forwards. I’d stay out, or try to get more out of them for that pick - ie a starter with upside.
  14. If Lacy is out or limited by injury, there’s flex value in Rawls. Nelson is normally a start but with Hundley he’s riding my bench along with Parker and Cobb in the league I own them in. Of the two, I’d rather take a risk on Rawls because I fancy the Bears defense to cause Hundley problems. I don’t have high expectations of either player, but I’d lean towards Rawls.
  15. I’d stick with Fournette because he’s yet to be held to a poor fantasy return, whereas Gordon has been held twice (week 4 against Eagles, week 7 against Broncos). Also in the league I’m in, he’s ranked sixth in scoring to Gordon’s fifth, and Gordon has played two more games than Fournette. For me, Fournette is the guy I’d stick because I’d bet on the Jags to keep feeding him the ball in pursuit of play off football. But at the same time you can’t really go wrong with Gordon most weeks. I guess it comes down to which player you prefer of the two.
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