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  1. I like that they gave up on just running a 2 man PNR with him and CP3 since he ends up running into Paul half the time They started throwing in a shooter to also screen alongside DA for high PnR sets to open up more space and throw off the defense. Helped them take control of this game
  2. Would depend on my team’s position in the standings and the overall health of my team. ”Atleast” it’s his wrist. Best case scenario is he hits the track, eats well and comes back strong. So there is upside. If i’m barely hanging on to a playoff slot, I would probably take a WCJ or Ibaka level big. Wouldn’t bite on Trez or DAJ, would rather just stream if I can help it
  3. He was bound to lose touches if/when Lamb and Warren got back as it is - but now, those two will likely absorb VO’s touches. Levert is a big upgrade from Aaron Holiday/McConnell as a 2nd unit ball handler since he’s at his best with the ball in his hands IMO Probably slightly less usage at worst or more of the same at best
  4. Paul + Booker and/or Ayton the latter 2 should get more touches whenever CP3 rests/sits
  5. Pls come back strong and ready to play you walrus
  6. They have him glued on the opposing teams biggest perimeter threat (Kawhi today, Lebron the other day etc) on D and hanging around the corners on O. The blocks come from weak side help. Noticed that most of his shots come from kick-outs or in transition. Basically he’s not in position to really rebound as he’s busy contesting shots and getting back on D
  7. Right? Was wondering how it would affect the opposition if an individual is found to be positive.. it doesn’t apparently. Even if they have some top dollar consultants affirming this, still doesn’t make sense to me.
  8. Answers a few questions about the protocols moving forward (for future reference)
  9. Offensive game looks like Suns TJ Warren
  10. No minutes, Nurse talking him down, Useless if he doesn’t score (getting blocked a lot, implies both poor spacing and lack of awareness) = dropped him in a 16 man Will keep an eye on him though, TOR looks like they’re going to have to shake things up very soon.
  11. I hope so too haha. Atleast the reduced usage actually makes his fg more bearable for my team. To be clear, I don’t think he’ll be anywhere near the mid 40s fg% wise. Best he can realistically be fantasy wise IMO is 3+ 3pm, 1.2 spg with 7 apg. You’re definitely right that he won’t get last seasons usage, the only real upside he has is an increase in efficiency. It’s already happened with his TO, so all us owners are really waiting for is his fg% to increase. No doubt that Lamelo is the future of this team, but it’s not like he is some prolific scorer. He’s a generat
  12. He’s only averaging 3 less shots per game than last year wherein he hit 3.5 3PM at a 37% clip so I wouldn’t say that its a usage issue. This would be my second season rostering him and as i’ve watched my fair share of hornets games (yes really), his main issue is that he’s not used to spotting up and it seems like his focus this season is running their new sets (thus not turning the ball over). He’ll be fine in a couple of weeks IMO He’s getting better looks than he did last season but is more of a rhythm shooter (likes to dance). Once he gets comfy spotting up, it’s only a matt
  13. On this train, time to patiently wait till Nurse figures his rotation out. From what i’ve seen, Raps got spoiled with Marc and it’s pretty obvious they need to stagger Lowry and FVV with the loss of a meaningful playmaker. Regardless, Norms a finisher and one of their better ones. He’ll be fine, its not like they have a lot of options.
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