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  1. there is plenty of love, but how do you say no to a volume RB looking at 20+ touches against a WR,
  2. Cook easy, no Thomas and KC has been horrible against TE, Cook will be Brees number 1 target this week
  3. he is a good high floor volume based play, his chance to have a big week winner, put your team on his back type game, is low but that doesn't mean you sit him. you play him because he is a solid contributor and he gives you guaranteed points. and every team needs a few players like that. you cant swing for hte fence at every position thats like trying to win a 6 team parlay every week with all under dogs
  4. hoping for what exactly? i'm not hoping for anything
  5. translation - he is hurt so he won't practice and we'll see how he feels on friday. which is exactly the same status that has been there since Sunday night. nothing to see here yet. one way or the other
  6. and that is perfectly fine too because then everyone can either flex him or bench him and no one has to stress out on Sunday every snap
  7. was he lighting it up with the same receiver last year? and the same tight end. Jackson is just not having as good a year as he did last year. it isn't a big deal. it is unfair to expect that level of performance every year.
  8. he is easily a flex start with mostert in, and a rb2 or greater with mostert out.
  9. yes and no, yes his rushing stats give you a baseline that is higher than other QBs, so while other QBs start the week at 0 points you can safely assume 50 rushing yards for him, so he would have a 5 point head start. at this point in the season, chances are you have a good option at QB without Hurts, and more than likely that QB's floor is equal to or greater than Hurts already. so what does the floor he gets from his rushing yards really get you? if he doesn't follow up the rushing stats with at least average passing stats you get probably what will be your current starting QBs points an
  10. Kyler must run all over them in practice cuz they aren't great at defending rushing QBs from what the stats say
  11. can't play the "what if" game, you'll go around in circles all day and never make a decision. if Mostert is out, Wilson is the high ceiling play. if you think you need more than the floor of what your RB corps can provide you roll the dice with Wilson. either way you're going to be behind the 8ball so you might as well take your best shot and not be afraid he puts up a dude. losing by 1 or 100 is still losing. go down swinging. now if you don't need the high ceiling play then sit him and take the projected for sure points from someone else
  12. no one is acting like he is out, everyone is saying if he is out Wilson is a must start
  13. yes he did, and that saved his scoring day for the most part. but it concerns me the other 2 times he wasn't even on the field.
  14. he is the home run swing without a doubt. he can either sink your week or win it all for you. i'm not seeing much in between
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