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  1. The Indianapolis Colts are currently available. Please follow the link below to see the squad. If interested please post your info and I can shoot you an email. https://fantasy.espn.com/football/team?leagueId=40529525&teamId=13
  2. Currently looking for one owner for a team in an 11th Year ESPN Dynasty. The league is a 1/2 pt. PPR league with full IDP rosters. We are looking for an owner who can be active/semi-active on our leagues Discord chat and have plenty of experience when it comes to fantasy football. If you follow the link below you should find the team, the Baltimore Ravens, and if you look down further you should see the scoring settings for the offensive players. If you are interested please reply with your email and I will be sure to get back to you. Thanks! https://fantasy.espn.com/
  3. Actually just added Frias in my 20 team dynasty league, as you said a deeper dive but he's definitely a guy to watch. Within the organization he went from unranked to #16 this year. This is some of MLB.com's write up on him - a part I left out: he started his career as a 3B! "Frias is an imposing presence on the mound and heavier than his listed weight of 180 pounds, but he's also athletic for his size and has very loose arm action. There is effort in his delivery, however, and he'll struggle to repeat it at times, but club officials are quick to note the gains he's made on that fr
  4. I'm looking for new owners to take over teams in this 20-team keeper league -- the league has been around for about 10 years with a consistent core group of owners. The amount of teams may be reduced to 18 next season if there are insufficient amount of owners. You can change your team name if you take over a team, as long it's within the conference. The same owners are also in our fantasy baseball league and we mainly use Discord to communicate since it has a desktop and phone app. Someone who could be active on the chat would be appreciated! The basics of the league are: IDP rost
  5. He is now #18 in MLBs updated organizational list for SF. Think he's a guy to watch! "Labour's carrying tool is his plus raw power to all fields. His chances of maximizing his home run production are enhanced by his feel to hit from the right side of the plate. He makes consistent hard contact, manages the strike zone well and doesn't get too pull-conscious. While most of Labour's value comes from his offense, he's a decent athlete who makes up for his below-average speed with his instincts. He provides average range and arm strength on the outfield corners. He also earns prai
  6. Damn my bad @brockpapersizer haha
  7. I would be excited if there were more consistancy to his game. I looked at his season numbers last night and while the K's are nice hes not that consistant - it looks like some games he gets as low as 2 K's and seem to average around 5? Also he will need to improve his walk rate but with that said, he's young so hopefully he works it all out.
  8. After being brought up in the Deep Sleepers thread I think this guy deserves his own post. While catching prospects are very hard to predict - along with the Padres system being loaded with catchers, I think Campusano can make a name for himself for the Padres, or be traded to another team with a void at the position. For some background on him.... "The Padres selected Campusano in the second round of the 2017 MLB Draft. He debuted in full season ball last season, slashing .288/.345/.365 with 3 home runs (106 wRC+) in 70 games and 284 plate appearances at Low-A Fort Wayne. The 20-y
  9. I'm sure he's been mentioned at some point, slightly surprised he dosen't have his own thread yet based on how well he's done. Anyone that I've listened to (Podcasts) seems to love this guy and I'd have to agree. Seems like an all around solid catching prospect. Just picked him up in my main dynasty league a few weeks ago. He should be available in most leagues still.
  10. Ranked as #21 of the top 30 Prospects for the Rockies, this guy has been lights out this season. Granted he's old for AA at 25, was drafted in the 30th round in the 2016 draft, and is undersized...he's currently leading the Eastern League in all three pitching triple crown cats. with 8 wins, 1.88 ERA, and 85 strikeouts over 67 IP this season. Does anyone have any thoughts on this guy? Just a future relief pitcher that happens to be doing very well at the moment, or is he someone we can see actually pitching 185-200 innings a year?
  11. How do we think he transitions from Japan to the MLB? He is only 27 and has had pretty consistent stats over his career in Japan. Per. David Adler "Kikuchi's fastball averages around 92-94 mph, and he can reach 96-98 mph at times. That's not only unusual velocity among NPB left-handers, it's also above-average for the Major Leagues. In 2018, the average fastball velocity among left-handed MLB starters was 91.4 mph. Kikuchi's main secondary pitch is a slider. Along with his fastball-slider combination, he also mixes in a curveball and changeup. As MLB.com's Jo
  12. His walk-up music is just going to be Morgan Freeman talking.
  13. Please don't jinx it....find the nearest piece of wood and knock on it. Now.
  14. The fact I picked this guy up makes me feel alot better about dealing Franco lol
  15. Please see the link below to find the league home page! http://games.espn.com/ffl/leagueoffice?leagueId=38566&seasonId=2018
  16. Our league Trade Winds Football is a 20 team dynasty league in its 8th year and we are looking for 2 new owners. The league has pretty standard settings, is non-ppr, free to join, and includes IDP positions. Our offline rookie draft starts August 11th so we are hoping to fill the needed teams before this date! We're a chat active league (using Discord & Xat chat) and would like an owner who can be chat active! If interested, please see the link below that will take you to the league home page. The 2 teams that are available are the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. Please leave yo
  17. Reminds me of the Vlad Jr. post I made a few years back...still going stong lol
  18. Razzball will be releasing their top 400 over the break I believe.
  19. You guys see any surprises on the roster?
  20. One of many starting pitchers being developed in Atlanta's system, Tarnok was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2017 draft as a two-way player. He had a decent ceiling both hitting and pitching, but now that he's focusing solely on pitching he's really looking like something special. With a fastball that sits in the the 90s - touching 98 at times with a projectable frame, I only can see things going up for him. He currently works with a 95+ Fastball, Power Curve, and a Changeup that could use some work. So far this season in A Rome, his stat line looks pretty impressive: ERA: 2.17
  21. Promoted to AA today. Any thoughts on this guy?
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