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  1. I could trade my hunt and cooper for Henry. my other rbs are: kamara, Carson, and swift. my wrs are: Julio, Mclaurin, Aj Brown, and Woods. Should I do it?
  2. I would be getting Chubb. Should I do it! my other rbs are: Kamara, Carson, and Hunt. my wrs are: Julio, Aj Brown, McLaurin, and Cooper. WHIR!
  3. I get Davante Adams and give Cooper and Woods. My WRs are: Julio, Aj brown, McLaurin, Cooper, Woods Leave a link if you need help with yours.
  4. He also has Lockett, should I ask for Lockett, or do you guys think Amari is better? what I’m a bit worried about is that I would be left with only Kamara, Carson, and Hunt as my rbs
  5. I was offered Amari Cooper for my Miles Sanders. .5 ppr league My RBs are: Kamara, Carson, Hunt, Sanders My Wrs are: Julio Jones, Woods, McLaurin, Aj Brown, Diontae Johnson Thoughts?
  6. AJ Brown was dropped in my league and I want to pick him up, but idk if i have a drop. WHIR This is my team: QB: Murray, Newton RB: Kamara, Sanders, Carson, K. Hunt, Murray WR: Julio Jones, Woods, Mclaurin, Diontae Johnson TE: Hurst, Jonnu Smith K: Zuerlein DST: Colts (streaming)
  7. QB: K.Murray, Newton RB: Kamara, Sanders, Carson, Hunt, Murray WR: Julio Jones, Woods, McClaurin, D.Johnson, Deebo TE: Hurst I’m thinking maybe Newton? Thoughts? Leave your link if you need help with yours
  8. Bump. Any change with the recent Sanders news? Should I still accept the trade? WHIR
  9. Thanks for the help on mine. This team is stacked. I would just be on the lookout for any early waiver wire gems that might come out, but I think you have the right mix of upside with Moss, Dobbins, Johnson, and Brown. Great team.
  10. 10 team, .5ppr — LEAVE YOUR LINK. QB: K. Murray, Newton RB: Kamara, Sanders, Carson, Hunt, L.Murray WR: Julio Jones, Woods, McLaurin, Deebo, Diontae Johnson TE: Hurst K: Zuerlein DST: Eagles (streaming)
  11. It's a very strong team, especially in WR. I would have said try to trade one of the WR for a third solid RB or a solid TE, but it is a 3WR league, so I would stay as is now. Help with mine?
  12. I think this is actually a very strong team for 12 ppr. It's a bit risky because you need Newton and Herndon to hit, but I think you'll be fine with them. Just be attentive to those early week opportunities.
  13. Hurst 100%. I think after week one people will be very happy that they drafted Hurst.
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