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  1. Was a warrior tonight in MSG and got the game winning three. He needs to improve his TOs but is a special talent when he gets it going on offense. Hawks have won a lot of tough games with him this season.
  2. I think he will continue to grow. He's got a lot of haters and he's proving them wrong.
  3. Career high in scoring and big comeback win. Hawks were down 20 in the first half...
  4. There was actually hype for him last year based on his abilities but then he flamed out and eventually got injured. I don't think anyone saw his re-emergence coming this time around but a lot of people thought he had talent last year + was playing in a situation with opportunity (ie. the suns).
  5. Myles is fluid on offense. It's genetic for him. Ibaka, for all his athleticism, never had that.
  6. http://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/17860/settings


    Check my league out. I think it would be a good fit for you are looking for.

  7. That would be interesting because it would allow for the measurement of things we commonly talk about in fantasy, like the "rookie wall" effect or the "unleashing" effect as they relate to rookie fantasy values over the spread of a season.
  8. Drafting high profile rookies is one very risky business and it may be more realistic to think of sitting, watching and picking available rookies up during the season instead. Depending on league size etc, that's what might have happened (albeit very quickly) with a lot of successful Porzingis or Jokic owners last season. Here's one obvious point I would add to the analysis: the overall seasonal value that a rookie puts up can be highly skewed by the development process / minutes he goes throughout during the season ie. he may be invisible the first two months of the season but b
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