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  1. Ugh I wish I had more shares than just the one. Seems like he's finally getting unleashed. Enjoy the ride fellas and don't sell high unless it's a stud stud.
  2. Minutes and stocks are there. Bought himself another game or two for me.
  3. I was in in early stages of trade talks for this guy then the owner freaking ships him off for Terrence Ross... Enjoy fellas.
  4. In one of my leagues he was traded for Draymond straight up, for anyone who wants a slight gauge in value.
  5. Someone in one of my pro leagues spent $100 faab on him. No one else bid.
  6. Missed on him in both of my drafts so far. Guess the 10th round is where I gotta start reaching.
  7. one play going into the end zone will run you about 3-5 seconds. so sure, maaaybe you can squeeze one play in. but it's still a risk to make sure you can still squeeze the fg in before the two minute warning.
  8. with 2:04 left, taking a shot probably gets them down under two minutes, thereby losing the free time out.
  9. wow that was a great dump off to Mik--- SMITH AGAIN!?!?
  10. that's why you go for the fg in that situation. better chance of this happening than getting a quick TD and an onside kick
  11. gotta disagree with the commentators here. one or two more shots at the end zone gets them under two minutes. kicking the fg here gives them one time out plus the two minute warning to stop GB.
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