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  1. This offense is going to be at least competent under Bridgewater, if he's reaching those types of speeds he could break off a few more huge runs. 10-12 carries and 3-5 targets is enough for him to put up RB2 numbers a lot of weeks. Denver should be competitive enough of the time for both him and Javonte to get that type of usage. If I had him as my RB3 I'd be feeling pretty okay about that right now.
  2. [Poteet has] done pretty well up to this inning but it's pouring in the 5th and he's clearly struggling with command because of it.
  3. His ceiling is limited pretty heavily in his current role. Mitchell has been taking the ball up a lot and iso'ing or playing a 2 man game with a big leaving Conley on stand in the corner duty. Until that changes we won't see very close to top 30 value. We'll see if that changes throughout the season, feels like kind of a waste to leave him in the corner when he's so good on the ball running the offense and I'm banking on Snyder being smart enough to understand that.
  4. Godwin 95-1150-6 Adam Humphries barely got used the first 3 games and is a much worse player and got 76-815-5. Godwin is a much better player and now has a much better offensive mind. Evans keeps the defense honest and they're gonna pass a lot. (Don't own) Mark Andrews is the 3rd most valuable TE behind Kelce and Kittle (2 leagues) Devin Singletary flops, they turn to TJ Yeldon who puts up top 24 value in PPR in a 60-40 timeshare with Gore. (no shares of any Bills RB) Kyler is the 2nd most valuable QB in 4pt passing td behind Mahomes. The arm talent and mobility are immense, we've seen talented mobile rookie QB's light up the league from the start before (Rg3/Cam) (1 league) One of the top 4 RB's gets injured, paving the way for Chris Carson to have a top 4 finish at the position in ppr. He's very talented, continually improving and will have an increased role both on the ground and in the air. Will end up in a 80-20 share with Penny. (1 league) Mark Ingram gets injured around the halfway point, paving the way for Justice Hill to win championships down the stretch putting up top 10 numbers at the position in .5 ppr. (no shares of any Baltimore RB) Amari Cooper barely plays and when he does is limited, Michael Gallup puts up top 15 ppr numbers at the position. Amari Cooper doesn't get the contract he wants and leaves in free agency, the Cowboys draft a WR in the first two rounds next year to be the 1b to Gallup's 1a. (no shares of either)
  5. This. Everyone saying he's toast clearly didn't watch it.
  6. Servais suggested the Mariners will close games by committee with Strickland out. “I think the way to probably go about this is just manage the game along and use the pieces you have to use to get you to the ninth inning,” Servais said. “And, in the ninth inning, you’ll probably see a guy who hasn’t pitched in the game yet. “It could be Zac Rosscup one night. It could be (Roenis) Elias one night. It could be (Cory) Gearrin one night. It could be (Matt) Festa. It could be (Nick) Rumbelow. And you go down the list. We’re looking for somebody to get you three outs.”
  7. Buy shares in dynasty, could sneak him away from an owner who doesn't properly value him. 16/13 with a steal and 5 blocks per 36 in the past month can have a Capela-like long term impact fantasy wise (with more blocks). Only thing I'd be concerned about is DAJ staying for another year or two, really good friends with KD they will definitely use him as a bargaining chip to try to land him. But even then that isn't a bad thing dynasty wise if you're looking to buy. He's gotta be like a top 55-60ish guy in dynasty at this point who you could get for much cheaper.
  8. If he EVER stopped taking so many mid range j's he'd be so much better. From the games I've watched it's like he tries to find these shots and he's so bad at them. He shoots about 21% of his shots past 16 but before the 3 point line and is shooting 31% on them. He shoots more of them than Demar Derozan, which is probably one of the dumbest stats I've seen this season.
  9. Evan Turner is a pretty good add, been shooting the 3 pretty well so far and they're letting him run a decent amount of point. He split it when he was in the lineup with McCollum last game and when Dame and McCollum were in he was still running it a bit. Made a couple of really nice plays while running point yesterday as well and if he keeps getting 28-32 minutes and shooting the three ball at a decent clip don't see much of a reason why he can't average 13/4/4 with a three and a steal a game. Not going to set the world on fire with those numbers but he definitely would have solid value in a 12 teamer.
  10. Almost just hit another one of Pomeranz, couple feet from the foul pole in left. Would have been a 3 runner too.
  11. Be patient, his babip is over .100 lower than what it should be. He's walking more, hitting less grounders, and hitting more flyballs than he did last year on top of having a 10% increase in hard hit % (Currently 8% harder than Bryce Harper this season for reference). His HR/FB rate is also over 5% lower than what it was last year which is an obvious outlier. You should be trying to buy everywhere you can you will be able to get him for a lot cheaper than what he should be. There's nothing to indicate that he won't get back to form.
  12. If you really don't think that they will run the ball more with Kaepernick at quarterback I don't really know what to tell you, you're just wrong. Which is shown by the fact that that the 49ers ran the ball about 2.6% more than the Texans did. Which might not seem like a lot but it's the difference between the Texans and the Raiders (Who were about league average at 17). And I don't really care whether or not you think Kaepernick is a shell of his former self, I personally think that compared to the QB who led his team to the super bowl he is. But what matters in this discussion is what his numbers will do for Deandre, and it's pretty obvious why they will hurt his numbers given the reasons I've already stated. As for the award, it's actually hilarious you think that's relevant. If you think an award makes up for the enormous headache he put that org through for years you are simply delusional. I'm not saying Cutler is a good guy but attempting to paint Kaepernick as an inspirational hero who would be great for a team is just lol. As for 2015 (Which as you said was Cutler's last relatively full season) I don't know why you're acting like that's a negative, he posted 3650 with 21/11, pretty sure anyone in this thread would happily take that. And if you spaced out Alshon's games he played in 2015 for an entire year you would get about 86/1280/7. Which I'm pretty sure anyone in this thread would happily take for Hopkins. I agree that regardless of who the QB is Hopkins isn't going to have a good year, just saying that with Kaep it would be worse.
  13. The question wasn't which QB is better, it was which one would be better for Hopkins fantasy value. With Kaepernick they would likely incorporate more running plays to play to Kaepernicks strength. They're similar in that both have shown an ability to facilitate great WR seasons (Kaep with Boldin, Cutler with Marshall/Alshon) and both are shells of their former selves. But I think the likely scheme change going from Cutler to Kaep and Kaep not getting a receiver over 670 yards for the season last year while taking a large majority of the snaps (Granted he didn't have much to work with) makes me think it would be better for Hopkins outlook if Cutler was the QB.
  14. Agreed, especially considering all of the other stop gap quarterbacks are already taken. You get Fitz on a 1-2 year deal, hope he returns to form, and he won't come with the headaches that Kaep and Cutler will come with. If he gets back to the way he was pre last year he will certainly be a below average QB but he won't lose you games, and with the skill players that offense has that's really all you need.
  15. I agree that Cutler is the much better option of the two for Hopkins fantasy wise but I think Kaep hurts Fuller a lot more than he hurts Hopkins based on Kaep's history with the longball, just look at what happened with Torrey Smith last year. He likes to pepper the short-intermediate which in theory would be good Hopkins but think they would become very run heavy with Kaep. Still don't think it's terrible for Hopkins, better than Osweiler at least.
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