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  1. What do you think of trading Drummond for KAT? An injured first-round caliber player for a healthy player with uncertainty surrounding him.
  2. Just paired him with Harden. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will work out.
  3. I am currently playing him with Kemba Walker and Jordan Clarkson. No complaint so far.
  4. Let's spread the positivity, guys. - Kemba owner
  5. I'm so glad to read this. Lifting my spirits high after I drafted him for the 14th pick.
  6. Drafted this is in mock draft. I was 8th in the draft. What do you think of pairing Dame with Drummond? 1. Damian Lillard (Por - PG) 2. Andre Drummond (Det - PF,C) 3. Buddy Hield (Sac - SG) 4. Clint Capela (Hou - PF,C) 5. Josh Richardson (Phi - SG,SF) 6. Montrezl Harrell (LAC - PF,C) 7. T.J. Warren (Ind - SF,PF)
  7. Giannis' four game-week in my opponent's roster.
  8. Recovery time also depends on the severity of the injury. A mild groin strain may recover within a few weeks, whereas a severe injury may take 6 weeks or longer to recover. You need to stop doing the activities that cause pain until the groin has healed. Ouch.
  9. Yessir. 10 OREBS in one game. He can win you that cat single-handedly.
  10. Yessir. I even don’t mind the single digit scoring.
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