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  1. I guess it’s gotta be DeAndre, right? He’s not a needle mover by any means but he should get 20-25 minutes a night, which should give you a good shot at 8-10 boards and maybe 1-2 blocks. I would say deep league only with DJ for now and watchlist in 12 teams.
  2. He's going to play the Norm Powell role...probably shouldn't even be on WW unless you're in a shallow league.
  3. Their front court is pretty thin and if they are rebuilding, it seems like it would be Okeke and WCJ. They also have Porter now, Bamba, Birch, and Gary Clark, so not exactly a group of world-beaters. If you are going to pick up anyone who has been traded so far today, I'd say either Okeke or Hampton as speculatives.
  4. Anyone speculating on Chuma Okeke to step in at the 4 now in Orlando with the full on rebuild in effect?
  5. Anyone come out ahead on this deal? Obviously WCJ is the big winner and maybe OPJ gets a bit of run, but is there anyone else? Is Okeke a good speculative add with Vuc and Aminu gone and AG likely on his way out before the end of the day?
  6. Does Maxey become a must add if he gets dealt to Toronto in a Lowry deal? Will it depend on if Powell gets dealt today too?
  7. He was producing top 60 value all year and was the closest I've seen him to his prime Grizzlies' years...I think it would be silly to drop him even in shallow leagues unless you're ravaged by injuries and need wins to stay in the playoff hunt.
  8. Good luck getting anything of value for him right now - you are better off holding until he comes back and puts together a few strong games before selling him off. I own him and the best I've been offered is DeMar DeRozan (that only came after the Spurs got their next 4 games PPD) or Donovan Mitchell but that manager also wants a top 100 piece with Shai.
  9. Ruled out tomorrow...a day in advance. I wonder if this is more than a precautionary thing with him. I know he played a lot last night but it’s not a B2B.
  10. As someone who has never had shares of Nunn until picking him up last night, I don’t get why Miami has him out of the rotation. I’m not saying he should be starting or is a star, but you’d think he would play the Jordan Clarkson or Lou Williams role for them as a 6th man. I know he’s not good defensively but they have enough defensive first role players that Nunn would be a great compliment in the second unit.
  11. Yeah he got played off the floor unfortunately, especially in the 4th Q and OT. Nets rightfully went away from DeAndre Jordan because he stinks, so playing Capela didn't really make sense for the Hawks. He should be fine going forward, as not many teams in the league tend to go small with a non-traditional C.
  12. Pacers have Brogdon, Sabonis, and Turner plus Lamb and Warren will be back eventually...it's an upgrade from being in Brooklyn but Houston would have been more ideal for him. I see a slight upgrade from Brooklyn, but not a massive jump. Thoughts?
  13. So basically if you can get a top 25-30 player for KAT straight up, it would be good to take based off what I'm hearing?
  14. Go with Bledsoe for the week please help Big Trade Offer - 100% WHIR - Assistant Coach Help Forum - Rotoworld.com Forums
  15. I think you are giving up too much in a 16 team league...I would hold. I like Fultz's upside and I think Anderson has really good value while Ja and JJJ are out. please help Big Trade Offer - 100% WHIR - Assistant Coach Help Forum - Rotoworld.com Forums
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