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  1. Overall I think it definitely decreases the value of pitchers, at least in H2H points leagues. However it also increases the value of the pitchers that are still in 5 man rotations. You can gain a huge advantage if you target and load up on those guys this year.
  2. Thanks. The league I co-commish was thinking about adding that in. Point #1 is really helpful as we were considering just having it available for the month before the draft each year, but it looks like that's not an option. There was concern that it would get confusing when trading picks for the following season if owners left the league.
  3. Does anyone have experience with draft pick trading in Yahoo leagues? I always see draft picks being traded during the season under the "recent trades" section or whatever it is. Since Yahoo leagues aren't open in the offseason, how does this work? Does the commish just have to manually change the draft the following year to match the picks that were traded the previous season? I guess you would need to manually change it regardless since the draft order changes every year?
  4. Thought it might be helpful to some to have a thread for discussion of potential rotations. With the shortened season last year, more teams might go to 6 man rotations to keep workloads down for their pitchers. This is of particular interest for those in Head to Head formats (less 2 start pitchers), and might help determine which SPs to avoid in those leagues. I'll start with the Padres since what they decide to do will have significant fantasy impact with the rotation depth they have and quality fantasy options. Padres projected rotation: Darvish, Snell, Paddack, Lamet (healthy?),
  5. I hope so. I forgot about Clevinger being back in 2022 also. Pretty insane rotation.
  6. With the trade for Musgrove, the SD rotation for 2021 looks like: Darvish, Snell, Paddack, Lamet, Musgrove No room for Gore this year unless Lamet isn't healthy or they go to a 6 man?
  7. Thanks for all the responses. I think I have to keep Soto even though I'll only have him this year. Right now I'm leaning toward Soto, Alvarez, Franco, Gore. Then for the 5th spot it will probably come down to Luzardo or Vaughn. I think there's a chance Anderson might be available right around where I would keep him anyway, so might be able to draft him there or close to it. Then again I haven't checked current ADPs. I also like May but this is a QS league and that may be the deciding factor with him.
  8. 12 team H2H keeper league 5 keepers per team (max of 3 pitchers) Players move up by 3 rounds every year, no yearly limit but once they reach round 5 they can no longer be kept Here are my options (The round next to the player is what they would count as this year): Hitters: Juan Soto (6) Yordan Alvarez (9) Mike Yastrzemski (12) Dylan Carlson (17) Wil Myers (19) Andrew Vaughn (20) Wander Franco (21) Pitchers: Chris Paddack (11) Ian Anderson (12) Jesus Luzardo (15) Dustin May (18) Mackenzie Gore (1
  9. I will probably get suckered into drafting him next year assuming he comes at a discount, even though he burned me this year. Even if he stays in Detroit, as long as he isn't playing on a franchise tag I'll probably target him.
  10. Going into next season he's obviously a must have in keeper leagues, but where does everyone think he goes in redraft? 3rd round maybe, possibly 2nd? Kind of sucks he is stuck in this offense and with Cousins, but he showed he can produce even with that. If the Vikings improve on defense in the offseason that could make them even more run oriented though.
  11. Definitely keeping an eye on him. Anyone with a pulse this year at TE is worth watching. Not really sure about relying on a Bears player in the playoffs, but might not have a choice.
  12. Yeah, think I'm out. Not dropping but can't start him moving forward. What I'm curious about is whether the local media in Philly has been asking Pederson about the running back usage. Now the attention is going to be on Hurts vs Wentz instead too. Seeing Jordan Howard come in multiple times and seeing how they sub out/change their RBs so often sealed the deal for me. Talented player but couldn't be a worse situation.
  13. It's baffling that they didn't run the ball more in this game. Pederson is an NFL coach so I'm assuming he'll figure out that's his best chance to win at some point, but who knows.
  14. Yep, just a bad matchup against a good run D. Most teams play their safeties back against the Chiefs but Tampa didn't do that. I don't think they'll see too many more teams play that aggressive after what Tyreek did to them. Good news is Bell is no threat, other than taking like every third series. The floor is low for a 1st round pick but you have to start him most weeks for the upside, unless your team is just loaded.
  15. A lot. I was actually thinking of trying to trade McLaurin when I saw Smith was named starter moving forward, but reading Rivera's comments it sounds like that decision was made because they are still in the hunt in that awful division. Hopefully the Eagles pull away, and Rivera did mention that Haskins "could" make more starts this year. I don't want McLaurin blowing up on someone else's team.
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