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  1. Thoughts on him so far? Hitting 5th most nights. He's off to a slow start average wise but the counting stars are decent.
  2. I just wish he didn't sit so often, but that seems to be the norm outside of very few catchers these days.
  3. Good to know his stuff has been decent. I haven't watched him pitch and only going off blurbs and box scores. Looking ahead he gets ATL next week, but after that should be lined up to face BAL and DET in a 2 start week.
  4. Tough to be patient with this guy. Just a total wild card but starting to wonder how much upside there really is. Sort of feels like the upside is average to above average starter and the downside is that he belongs in the Old Yeller thread.
  5. Knebel was warming up in the 7th for LA with a 3 run lead at the time. Was hoping to see how Jansen would do but up to a 6 run lead now.
  6. He was at leadoff today against the lefty Rogers and was one of the only Mets to do anything against him. Hopefully earns him some more starts out of the leadoff spot against them moving forward.
  7. Would be nice to know if he will get close to full time ABs or if he will sit against lefties regularly like he did in Chicago. I don't see a lot of depth in the OF for WAS so maybe he won't outside of occasional days off. Matters more in weekly obviously.
  8. Hit leadoff against a lefty again today (Gore). Not sure if this is likely to carry over to the regular season or if the PT will be inconsistent again, but if he's hitting leadoff everyday he could be a great value.
  9. I think the lack of hit tool, swing and miss in his game and the Trevor Story comps may be a bit exaggerated, not that Trevor Story wouldn't be a heck of a ceiling. Those could be dead on and full disclosure I'm a Royals fan so may just be homer talk, but I think there's at least a chance he's improved his plate discipline significantly since getting drafted. Take it for what it's worth but there's chatter within the organization that they think he's ready now. More impressive than the HR above was the AB before that. Worked a walk in a 12 pitch AB against Urias (and just missed a HR fou
  10. Overall I think it definitely decreases the value of pitchers, at least in H2H points leagues. However it also increases the value of the pitchers that are still in 5 man rotations. You can gain a huge advantage if you target and load up on those guys this year.
  11. Thanks. The league I co-commish was thinking about adding that in. Point #1 is really helpful as we were considering just having it available for the month before the draft each year, but it looks like that's not an option. There was concern that it would get confusing when trading picks for the following season if owners left the league.
  12. Does anyone have experience with draft pick trading in Yahoo leagues? I always see draft picks being traded during the season under the "recent trades" section or whatever it is. Since Yahoo leagues aren't open in the offseason, how does this work? Does the commish just have to manually change the draft the following year to match the picks that were traded the previous season? I guess you would need to manually change it regardless since the draft order changes every year?
  13. Thought it might be helpful to some to have a thread for discussion of potential rotations. With the shortened season last year, more teams might go to 6 man rotations to keep workloads down for their pitchers. This is of particular interest for those in Head to Head formats (less 2 start pitchers), and might help determine which SPs to avoid in those leagues. I'll start with the Padres since what they decide to do will have significant fantasy impact with the rotation depth they have and quality fantasy options. Padres projected rotation: Darvish, Snell, Paddack, Lamet (healthy?),
  14. I hope so. I forgot about Clevinger being back in 2022 also. Pretty insane rotation.
  15. With the trade for Musgrove, the SD rotation for 2021 looks like: Darvish, Snell, Paddack, Lamet, Musgrove No room for Gore this year unless Lamet isn't healthy or they go to a 6 man?
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