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  1. would've been more impressive if he made a three *runs away*
  2. josh jackson and if you can't stand em rage drop bazley. he just put a string of decent games hes due to suck
  3. who will be more reliable ros? I'm picking between these two
  4. I wouldn't call it a mistake since we didn't know about Turner and even harris was just top 50 last year. Just like no one one knew Ayton and Booker would be subpar this season.
  5. he transitionally outranked those guys and Hayward was coming of an injury season.
  6. what's going on? i expected low fg%...what is this? I'm punting fg% . trash...
  7. now that you mentioned it...."Bosinian Beast" is the most porn star sounding name ever!
  8. what's all this post about "going to grab him". Unless you don't have an IL he shouldn't been dropped. I even held in my shallowest leagues.
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