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  1. At least now he will have more time to focus on his new role of VP of the player's union.
  2. I feel the odds of Kyrie playing a 4 game week, especially 2 weeks in a row is very low. The narrative of BKLN needing him to make the playoffs is over-hyped considering he has missed most of the season and they are 5 games out of 9th (and the Wizards are not making a push). If they actually care about the playoffs, it would be better to have Kyrie able to actually play in the playoffs. I traded him and TJ Warren for John Collins (+ Josh Okogie who was dropped lol) and have 0 regrets as I battle for the playoffs. It would probably have to be a 4th rounder for me to be willing to take a swing o
  3. I'm surprised this thread is only a page long. No love for the Don.
  4. got rid of Kyrie + TJ Warren for John Collins and Okogie. Punting AST in a 12 team 9 Cat H2H, so Kyrie and Collins are closer in terms of value than standard settings (or roto).
  5. 14/12 on 80% FG with 1 BPG since AD went down is both serviceable and intriguing. Didnt even murder your FT
  6. Standard yahoo 9 cat h2h... I am punting assist so morant isn't a great fit considering I need 3s and steals from my PG. Also need blocks so kp is intriguing but I feel he injury risk is equal to Kyrie with less upside.
  7. Like I said, just gathering opinion. Obviously Kyrie has higher upside. Lots of people will to take SGA for Kyrie who is top 40 but no injury risk.
  8. How do you guys value Kyrie in comparison to porzingis? I feel like the injury risk is so similar that the higher ceiling for Kyrie puts him ahead of kp for ROS...
  9. I accidentally dropped him instead of G. Niang 😪
  10. The jazz aren't going to push conley to play if Clarkson is hot. Conley is a long way from forcing playing time with the way he has played this season and it makes sense to save him for the playoffs.
  11. Don't forget this guy also averages about 20 missed games per yesr when playing regular minutes.
  12. He's 67th in per 36 this season with 26 minutes played being his highest total this year. Nice stream option for a couple weeks, but he is far from a lock. With more and more teams playing small ball the Raptors can get away with a front court of OG, RHJ, and Davis if needed. Matchups with Dallas and Indiana should help him early next week but the Boston games could be a struggle. I would assume max 24 MPG as backup C for Ibaka which could end up as 20 or less some nights.
  13. Probably not barring injury, but as a 3 PT streamer with 3 games in 4 nights this is a perfect time to roll him out if you are chasing 3s. The BLKs were a nice bonus last night. He was sitting with one 3 pointer for the entire first half and never touching the ball. Then got hot and was left in because of it which saved his line.
  14. I see minutes restrictions upon his return which could easily lead to him needing 3-4 weeks before he is back to enough playing time to put up decent lines. Good guy to roll the dice on if you are in good position but I am 2-3 games out of the playoffs. So 2-3 weeks of injury with a full IL and 2-3 weeks of poor output at 20 MPG wasn't an option.
  15. Got Marcus Morris which wasn't ideal. Was considering an offer for Dunn and brunson but both those guys were so short term. Declined another for paschall.
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