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  1. Didn't he just recently sign a contract off that monster game? Don't tell me, he already in Cancun.
  2. Its better to use his roster spot to stream better options in free agency than to be always wondering how little he'll contribute to your team each game. Think of all the more productive free agents that you could have swapped this bum out for a while back with no regrets, like a Jakob Poetl.
  3. Is he going to get the PF/C tag in yahoo?
  4. Which is why he'd be feasting as the focal point of the team IF he were healthy enough to play. Hopefully all he needed was a happy ending from the trainer.
  5. reuniting w/ DJ for Lob City comeback tour, now playing off the bench...
  6. the disappointment in seeing the Suns blow out the Grizzles by 30 with Deandre shooting 1 / 5 so far...
  7. all it took was Simmons being out and Embiid limited by foul trouble, but looks like he's back to pre-Covid Seth
  8. Why would they force a not yet fully recovered player re-enter the lineup? Doc running the team like Bezos over there...
  9. Covington produces like Danny Green until after the all star break.
  10. Ayton hasn't been involved at all in the second half and the Suns lead disappeared. Coincidence?
  11. Relegated to role player status to make way for Murray and Jokic.
  12. Seth is #2 behind Steve Kerr in 3pt % in NBA history and now he has a starting gig on a team lacking for shooters with his FIL as coach.
  13. Garland was likely on waivers, who’s giving up anything of value for him?
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