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  1. Imma let you guys finish but where is the PG eligibility? They just added a bunch today and Tate is part of it. No KPJ and KMJ.
  2. I'll just think I dropped Thybulle so I don't feel too bad but nah, I'll call for the manager and throw a fit.
  3. He's too volatile for now like a former Thunder legend. May kill your %s and TOs but when rolling is fun to own. I drafted him this year but dropped eventually when I realized that he may be skilled but the skills he has aren't streamlined yet for him to be at his most effective. The G League was a good move for him to get reps but his stats over there show he still has a long way to go for him to be rosterable. Don't get blinded by the flash. His transaction trend will be a rollercoaster ride.
  4. I'd talk about sportcars and groceries like in the SGA thread rather than fleeting stuff like fantasy relevance.
  5. Finishing isn't just about dunks. Blake could still finish around the rim. And yes, he would play mostly as a small ball 5 with KD back as the help defender. Like I said in an earlier post, he would kill Bruce Brown who has been playing as that small ball 5 and dent Claxton's minutes. Nets spacing is also different from Pistons spacing which is basically non-existent so expect Blake's fg efficiency to be not as putrid.
  6. And it's not always about what a team needs. Sometimes, it's about what they want to keep your stars happy. They chose DJ over Allen because friendship. If they want Griffin there, he'll be there. The Suns of the past decade is also rooted in Brooklyn. They may feel that it is a revival of the Nash-Amare pnr with Harden-Blake and they could make it work. Griffin also gives them some interior passing. He could be their Diaw. They could play inside out. It gives them more options.
  7. He'll sign with the Nets 99% because power of friendship and he'll be able to continue his path on the entertainment industry there. He'll kill Bruce Brown's value and probably average around 13-7-3. Gave the Pistons everything during his first season and a half just to let the Clips know what they're missing out on when they promised him that they'll retire his jersey. Lost motivation when he felt the Pistons are going nowhere even when he played for them injured. Honestly, I'd like to trade for him with that playoff schedule in standard leagues. If only the Nets didn't have the luxury to giv
  8. In a battle of ridiculously athletic, switchable bigs that both can get stocks, who is a better bet to hold value in the fantasy playoffs, Nicolas Claxton or Robert Williams? Both the Nets and Celts are looking for big man depth but refuse to play their young bigs huge minutes either because of defensive lapses or placing bigger emphasis on veteran leadership. In Williams case, he has a medical issue that causes him to cramp up early but Stevens is on record that his minutes will peak toward the end of the season. In Claxton's case, he just returned from an injury but even when Allen was
  9. That's the thing. We don't know until they release the 2nd half of the schedule. They're competitive but the Thunder have issues closing out games which is a thing with young teams with no veteran playmaker/shotcaller. They could have won against the Lakers twice in a row now. The Thunder is the best place for him fantasy wise and wins would help quell fears for both owners and potential trade partners of him sitting out more games than just back to backs.
  10. I give Vonleh a ceiling of Theis numbers based on what he did with New York.
  11. Fantasy allows us to be GMs (general managers) of our own teams. The onus is on each and every one of the participating GMs to check all the details about the player they're getting (risk assessment). The only vetoable trades are those that feels like collusion (receipts optional) but if the commish or the league couldn't find any, they could just not invite them next season, not trade with them anymore for the current season, or outright lock their team if it is too blatant. As for who will have the most gains from Bryant's absence. I'd rank it Rui > Bertans > Deni > Wagn
  12. Deja vu. Strong start to season then gets injured. This time Wagner has competition in Lopez or Brooks goes ultra small with the 3 pg lineup sekrit plays he loves with any combination of the Rui/Deni/Bertans trio.
  13. He'll always hover around that blowout or not unless he stinks it up real bad. The Magic will be limiting his minutes due to the meniscus tear he suffered in college and let him get acclimated to the NBA pace.
  14. LaMarcus and Horford becoming a bunch of Brook Lopezes now. I thought OKC would at least take advantage of Horford's post passing instead of looking at how the Sixers used him last year.
  15. I'm expecting a ceiling of rookie Brandon Jennings numbers.
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