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  1. I still have him rostered but barely. He’s probably just holding the seat till Nurk and/or JJJ come off IL at this point. Not a good thing when the glue stops sticking on your glue guy.
  2. I think he can hover around his current season stats. He’s serviceable as an end of the PG that won’t really hurt you in %’s.
  3. I moved on from my 12th round pick tonight. I just couldn’t wait anymore. Maybe we’re a season too soon.
  4. I took notice as finding serviceable bigs on the wire is like finding a needle...etc. I added him to my watch list in one 12 team league and he got snatched same day. All he needs is opportunity (which he has) and minutes (we’ll see) to be picked up.
  5. Well hello there... https://www.denverpost.com/2021/02/24/nuggets-michael-porter-jr-defense-2/amp/
  6. Hopefully he uses the snub as motivation and kicks a** in the 2nd half.
  7. Can’t win for losing w/ this guy. I’m going to be optimistic but the pessimistic side of me already knows the outcome.
  8. I’ve been getting destroyed in the steals department since he left so his return will be a welcome sight.
  9. I usually like getting the best player in a deal (Kylie) but to get back TH and Jrue is sweet. Jrue being out sucks so hopefully your in a good playoff position. You lose the star power but gain more consistency and headache free.
  10. Not that you should hold on to your waiver like an old lady clutching her purse but I wouldn’t use it on Hart. Not sure what your format is but he’s slightly better in Roto than H2H.
  11. Someone in my league snatched him up just as that blurb came out. Enjoy it fellas, I missed out.
  12. His leash is shorter than everyone else on the team. His bad plays are more scrutinized even by the Nuggets tv announcers. He has to shoot like 60% or 70% from the field I feel just to justify staying on the court. it’s a sad situation and it looks like a bumpy ride going forward.
  13. I have both and will have to make that same decision once Nurk comes back. I’m keeping Poeltl
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