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  1. Yeah I had to grab and just see how this plays out. Agree, he won’t do this again but OKC needs him to score so that’s what he’s gonna do. Kudos to those that actually had him in some starting lineups.
  2. Same here, my matchup was tight and he came thru w/ the 7 stocks. He’s a streamer w/ benefits.
  3. Glad he was able to bounce back tonight. Now everyone can get upset again for his next game as he’ll have to deal with Embiid.
  4. Nurse probably upset Boucher may have lost some weight tonight w/ all the work he was putting in.
  5. Considering he’s having to defend Jokic I would say he’s filling the stat sheet the best he could. A few more rebounds would make his line look a lot better.
  6. Kid has quietly produced over the past few games. He even closed out the game which was nice to see. I’m thinking he’s gonna have some standard league status going forward. If T. Ross shuts it down ORL becomes OKC of the south. I might have jump on and see how this plays out.
  7. Papi probably had one of his best games this season with the dbl/dbl and five stocks and his thread didn’t move tonight. That pretty much sums up his outlook this season by his managers. He’s been spitting on us most of the season and calling it rain.
  8. Fingers crossed, he blessed us last time coming back from the hand injury so quickly.
  9. Don’t quibble on the bad games when we’re hooting n hollering on the good ones. You gotta take the good w/ the bad ones. On to the next...
  10. This thread has been quiet for a few weeks. That’s a good thing
  11. Has anyone reached out to ESPN yet regarding PF eligibility?
  12. Sometimes you can miss what you do have. Welcome back Wardell
  13. I wasn’t punting FT% before but I guess I am now (lol)
  14. Scooped, let’s see how this plays out. If he keeps this up he can make a difference
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