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  1. If he’s active you have to start him unless you have an RB1 you’d have to bench. But he may not be active, so we’ll have to check tomorrow. Glad he’s back.
  2. Boy was I wrong about this one...Jay Gruden is a joke for not feeding him 10+ targets/game while he was healthy. Still a buy low in dynasty.
  3. Antonio Gibson owners while watching on thanksgiving:
  4. The trap is him exploding this week only for you to start him ROS and then have him underperform.
  5. Considering their QB should have been in jail 10 years ago, most aren’t shedding tears for PIT.
  6. It was always going to be useless no matter what. Now you just know not to play him.
  7. Wow, these are some clown takes. “Take away his yards and TDs and he’s not very good”
  8. If you think that about yourself, you certainly have no business evaluating the talent of actual pros.
  9. The game should be played with the BAL negative players. There are enough of them to fill a starting lineup. The league knows this, they just don’t want BAL backups vs an undefeated team.
  10. BAL should be forced to play Sunday as scheduled. Harbaugh was one of the few HC whining in the off-season about how impossible it would be to follow COVID protocols, then lets a strength coach near players without a mask. No leniency should be provided for the Ravens...their arrogance led to this outbreak and threatens to upend the entire NFL schedule. What they have done is far worse than the Raiders or Titans did earlier in the season.
  11. Expect the unexpected. Especially on Thanksgiving. My fantasy teams are thankful he came through today.
  12. Murray is where he is bc of 10 rushing TDs. Unlike Davante Adams (who was a WR1 with Bret Hundley as his QB), Hopkins has proven he’s not QB-proof. Still a stud, still silly to whine about him.
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