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  1. Does Tom Brady remind anyone else of Anakin Skywalker
  2. I thought: wow I’m getting a top 5-7 qb, 3-5 RB, and serviceable RB3 for QB2 level Stafford, AJB on a covid struck titans team, mike Davis who will be gone in 2 weeks and scrub Montgomery who will lose passing work to cordarelle Patterson. oops
  3. Trading Stafford AJ brown, Montgomery, and mike Davis for Matt Ryan josh Jacobs and leveon bell was probably the worst trade I’ve ever made. followed by Deshaun Watson for mike Evans two weeks before. The team I played in the championship last year and I (who won) finished 14th and 13th lol RIP 2020 season
  4. Thanks again Matt Ryan, you always reward my undying faith in you
  5. Is it just me or have the jets as an organization never recovered from the Mark Sanchez butt fumble
  6. I need a blowout week where I outscore the next highest team by 60-80...... pick 2 RB, 1 TE David Johnson, JK Dobbins, D. booker, hayden hurst, Austin hooper
  7. You’re right I know very little about the eagles. Looking at their offense the two are probably top 3 if not top 2 of their current pass catchers, so if Philadelphia can do anything I think they both get involved. Unless ertz is really washed
  8. How are they letting it get to this point? If they really don’t want a week 18 game it should just be a Baltimore forfeit. Maybe actual W-L consequences will cause teams to do better about covid.
  9. It’s still potentially career and/or life threatening...
  10. Why are the NFL’s covid protocols just to save face as much as possible and hope for the best? Does the NFLPA have a case against them after this season? (spoken as not just someone who’s season is on the line for this game to be postponed)
  11. If they play the game Wednesday this is super irresponsible of the NFL, the majority of cases wouldn’t test positive after like 1-3 days, but I think we already know that the NFL is being super irresponsible.
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