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  1. This guy better start having some monster games! He’s been below average for where he was taken since coming back.
  2. He’s not enjoying himself out there thats for sure. This Edwards guy thinks he’s Kobe with the amount of shots he takes.
  3. This Edwards kid is hog isn’t he? My god just because he touches the ball doesn’t mean he has to shoot it! And he’s so inefficient!
  4. All this talk about how he should’ve been all star. I don’t think he deserves to be all star imo. He’s been average this year.
  5. This guy just doesn’t get involved in the offence anymore 😂
  6. How could they not go to him at all in OT! what a rabble coach and franchise.
  7. Even whiteside torched these guys in 20min
  8. Also can someone tell me, do the wolves have a first round pick if they tank?
  9. Edward the man now? Honestly I hate drafting anyone from the wolves! not to mention you have the worst franchise of all sport with the worst coach and GM of all sports.
  10. Fuk the wolves and Saunders. Worst franchise in history. That franchise has become an even more basket case under rosas and Saunders. Once he plays in trading this guy because he’s playing in a basket case franchise and coach and GM.
  11. I need to see 3 games in a row playing like this first before I believe he’s changed
  12. God damn dud. Benched his a** for next game. For my own sanity.
  13. This guy just goes missing in the second half of games. How can that happen? He can’t always start well and then just become a screener after half time.
  14. There whole gameplan and offence is a mess. Ayton has become a dud also
  15. Can’t believe I’m about to bench my second round pick
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