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  1. Fins offense is prolly gonna get destroyed today, but as a Bowden dynasty owner, I'm excited to see what he can do with the expanded oppotunity
  2. Decided to play this guy in my flex, most of the fins receivers are out, leaving them with Lynn Bowden wr1.. Pats defense should be able to dominate this game, especially with how Bill treats rookie QBs.. should be lots of volume for Sony this game
  3. [...] tough Miami defense, coupled with Cam goal line vultures and likely little to no receiving work.. both Sony's floor and ceiling seem a bit low. For what it's worth, Vegas has this game with the 2nd lowest projected points total, Pats expected to score 19. Sony will be riding my bench for now
  4. This is false. In the 3 games Finley started last year, Mixon received 6 targets, 3 catches for a total of 54 yards. Our boy Gio himself received 7 targets, 5 catches for a total of 47 yards in those 3 games. 4.3 targets, 2.6 catches, 33.6 yards a game for cincy RBs week 10-12 while Finley was starting in 2019. Mixon did have 63 rushes over that stretch, but Gio is nowhere near as talented a rusher, and I expect Perine to grab some of the early down work. ****, I wouldn’t be surprised if Trayvon Williams started to get more work too. We should expect to see a lot of 3 and outs on
  5. @smeeze is right, while sources such as dr jesse morse and the athletic may have reported that they believe it to be a lisfranc or midfoot sprain; it is purely speculation. speculating on an injury is one thing, but stating speculation as fact without concrete evidence is irresponsible. hopefully the team gives us some information over the bye week, but mixon avoiding an IR stint tells me that there's a it is a mild injury and he has a strong possibility that he plays after the bye. holding gio through week 9 is a good idea until we get more information.
  6. locked him up week 1, MT only had 3 catches and 17 yards on 5 targets while playing 83% of the snaps
  7. my conspiracy theory is that he actually dinged up his hand punching his teammate lol, i'm likely wrong (as usual) so here's hoping that he has a revenge game against carlton davis next week
  8. anyone else unfortunate enough to be giving this guy a long hard look this weekend? deebo out against seattle should give some opportunity against the worst secondary in the league? shaquil griffin out and jamal adams likely out as well. bourne was a touchdown machine last year relative to his touches, so hopefully he can grab one tomorrow
  9. just traded for this guy, surely he plays next week after putting up two limited sessions, especially with the rest of their receiver group so hobbled right??
  10. Sold this guy off, rough schedule coming up - Broncos, Saints x2, Bucs during the 2nd round of the playoffs. I also can't imagine in a game scenario where they'll be able to pound the ball week 16 vs the Chiefs. Of the 9 weeks left in the fantasy schedule, he has 4 bad matchups and 1 bye. He will probably manhandle my Panthers tonight once again tho, which I used in my sales pitch lol
  11. I know most of yall are likely in need of CMC this weekend with the current rb landscape, but the last thing I want to see is CMC going out there too early and ending up hobbled all season like Barkley was last year. Granted, Barkley sat 3 weeks while CMC sat 5 weeks, but I'd want to see some full practices in and not just what looks to be 2 limited sessions on a short week
  12. yeah, ideally i would be sending him off in a package so i don't have to deal with his a** anymore haha. nothing i love more than selling at the bottom
  13. lol i'm highly considering shopping this guy but i know he will break that 14 game streak under 100 yards right away if i do can't start this guy, trading him would be selling at his absolute lowest value.. yes, the colts haven't had to throw much the past 2 games, but their upcoming games (chi, cle, cin, bye) don't look like high volume passing games for the colts either. just gotta hope TY and rivers find a connection soon
  14. Last week vs the niners.. Freeman - 5 attempts, 10 yards, 2 ypc Lewis - 1 attempt, 0 yards, 0 ypc. 3 targets, 1 catch, 10 yards Gallman - 4 attempts, 7 yards, 1.8 ypc. 3 targets, 2 catches, 7 yards I wouldn't be surprised if any of these bozos got cut. Anyone notice that Rod Smith was cut to bring in Morris tho? Garrett is exchanging one of his washed up buddies for another 😂
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