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  1. I'd go Drake and Morris, or Drake and Josh Gordon if you're banking on a huge week. With Damien Williams not there to steal touches, there's no reason to believe Drake can't keep this up. And I think Morris will put up more points than Hunt this week.
  2. It's week 1 of the playoffs and I'm looking to get off to a good start. 1-point PPR League. Just grabbed Kenyan and Ajayi for Diggs and a defense, so I have a lot of options for my FLEX: Alshon @Rams Hyde @Hou Ajayi @Rams Kenyan v NE Stills v NE Thanks!
  3. I win, I'm in the playoffs. I lose, I'm out. Fournette is my RB2. He's playing Indy so I'd love to believe he's about to break out, but I need a big week from whoever I start. My other options are Jamaal Williams vs. TB, Latavius @Atl, or Darkwa @Oak. Thanks.
  4. Crowell for sure. He's on the rise and Jacksonville's D-line is beat up
  5. Quick, lineups lock soon! Fournette is hurt but playing vs. Cleveland. Do I start any of these guys over him: Kenyan Drake vs. TB Latavius Murray vs. Rams Doug Martin @ Miami Dion Lewis @ Oak Thank you!
  6. EDIT: Thought you were asking if you should trade him, sorry. I think you could've gotten a much better haul.
  7. Fournette is out this week. Need a replacement. 1-point PPR. Do I start Kenyan Drake (vs. Raiders) or Alex Collins (vs. Titans)? I can also pick up Chris Ivory (vs. Bengals) who will be replacing Fournette. Yeldon got scooped up. Titans D against the run is great and Oakland just gave up a big game on the ground. Leaning Drake here, although Ivory seems like the smartest play.
  8. Give me Julio. I think he's putting it together, and he is Julio.
  9. Nah it's not worth it. That 3-headed RB machine would be great, but I don't think it would be worth the drop off at WR.
  10. Oh yeah, McCoy + Hopkins is a good haul for LeVeon. I feel like ROS, Hopkins has the edge over Julio
  11. Wow, I own Julio and definitely wouldn't take that one. Don't give up on him. I agree you are hurting at RB, but if you're giving up Julio you've got to be getting Melvin in return.
  12. Bell. While Fournette has proved to have a very high ceiling, Bell's is even higher, and I think Fournette is at his peak value right now. I really like Fournette. But ROS, Bell wins by a slight margin.
  13. I give Julio and Cameron Brate for Zeke and Cooks. I have a strong team, so positional need isn't a problem. I've just been a bit concerned about Julio so this trade could potentially propel me to the top. At the same time, I'm worried about whether or not Zeke will play the rest of the season. What do you guys think?
  14. *6 seasons with 200+ Ks Verlander is interesting because he had a solid peak until age 30, dropped off (although not as badly as I remember the media used to claim), but bounced back last year and came in 2nd in CY Young voting. He has a good chance to reach 3000 Ks too.
  15. Locks Miggy Pujols Ichiro Kershaw Beltre Trout Almost there Cano will be a lock in two or three years. He certainly has the accolades and his counting stats will be on par with or better than the greats by the time he hangs em up. Beltran should get in eventually, he has the numbers, memorable postseason success, and has managed to play at a high level for a long time. Votto is someone who I think will get in when it's all said and done. The shift towards looking at more advanced stats obviously helps Votto - they definitely help "pain
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