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  1. In Yahoo, what is the difference between Pre-Season rank and Current rank through the web based platform and Proj Rank and Season rank in the app? If you look on the web based platform, a player's pre-season and current ranks are the same. But if you look on the app version, proj rank and season rank are different. It appears Pre-Season, Current, and Season are all the same, but Proj rank is different. I would ask why they have different names for the web based platform and the app, but I'm sure there is absolutely no reason why. Instead, I'll ask what is
  2. Yahoo is open! Ended up renewing and getting threw at 6:00:10 and still didn't manage to pull down a double digit league id. I'm 241.
  3. Fantastic! Thank you for posting this. My guess is 4pm EST. I believe that has always been the time Yahoo has opened.
  4. Thank you for posting that! That’s what I saw. Not sure how legit, but that’s the post.
  5. I saw someone on Twitter posting a screenshot saying Yaboo will open next Thursday the 28th. I have no idea if it’s legit, but just thought I’d pass that info along. Anyone else hear anything?
  6. Thanks! That seems to be the general consensus.
  7. Thanks! I truly appreciate your opinion and want to hear what you think. Please keep sharing with me. However, with the league settings being 6x5 including ops, I’ve found building your team with an emphasis on offense tends to help more than if you focused on pitching. More specifically, a balance of 6 hitters and 1 pitcher has worked for me over the last 8 years in this league. With that said, which of my bats would you flip for a pitcher? And what type of pitcher would you seek back? For me, if I were going to do it, maybe I’d move Arenado? He has great value in round 13, 3rd bas
  8. While I agree with your conclusion of throwing back Mondesi, I respectfully disagree with your valuation of him. A website I trust that has produced a tremendous amount of success for many had this to say about Mondesi in their post draft write-up (see them quoted below). Lol I omit their name because I’m not sure if my leaguemates may read this post and I don’t want them to know where I get my rankings and daily fantasy information lol. The reason why I agree with you, and several others in this thread, is round value associated with Mondesi. If it was keep 7, and then everyone s
  9. Agreed. If my objective is to just keep the 7 best, without fear of losing whoever I throw back into the draft pool, which would be the best 7?
  10. Trout, Yelich, Acuna, Arenado are locks. Let's say I go with Giolito. That leaves Mondesi (3), Albies (14), and Tucker (22) for two of my remaining keepers. I see Mondesi's elite base stealing as tremendous value. However, if he does what he's supposed to I've drafted him exactly where he should go. But if you look at Albies (14) and Tucker (22), that is crazy value for what they should produce relative to their round being kept. I've also kind of mapped out the first three rounds of the draft, and if I toss Mondesi back and now have a third round pick, I might be able to draft him a
  11. No worries! I really appreciate the help you and everyone else is giving me!
  12. I’d have to trade someone to acquire Albies. The owner who has Albies said he’d trade me Albies for Scherzer. So if I get him, it’s at the expense of Scherzer.
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