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  1. Who would you pick in a dynasty 9-cat H2H?
  2. I think they made the best decision they could today signing Vuc. However, I also think they are inept. From coaching decisions (Scott Skiles, 1 year disaster) to losing Harris, Oladipo, to a giant contract for Biyombo while also trading for Ibaka and trying to play Gordon at the 3. Lack of strategy for at least 5 years...no clear plan.
  3. "Best player since Shaq"??? He's been very good, but come-on man...T-Mac and Dwight Howard??
  4. I drafted him, dropped him and picked him back up a couple days later. Hopefully he's the next Whiteside (who I also picked up back in his breakout year)
  5. Also just ran to the wire and dropped Henson for him...hoping this is not a fluke.
  6. I'm the biggest Jabari parker fan, but he definitely needs more energy/intensity out there. He looks lethargic out there. I don't see intensity in his facial expressions. I wish more than anything he would get motivated, angry fight for a few rebounds bully people down-low. Something. He was standing in the corner way too much. And Bobby Portis energy right now is the antithesis of what I see from Jabari. Breaks my heart. He was doing so good that year before the second ACL injury. He is still young and can turn it around, but right now it's mental for him.
  7. But I don't understand why they want to do that. Tanking is biggest motivation I can see for not playing him.
  8. I wonder why he only got 20 mins? He produced but seems like he got yanked early.
  9. Who do you like as a better big pickup?
  10. He started the year off well, but with Batum coming back will he have any value?
  11. Yahoo · H2H · 9-cat · 14 Team · 15 Player · 7-Keeper League · 6th Year Below are my 7 keepers Kyrie Irving Bos - PG,SG C.J. McCollum Por - PG,SG Victor Oladipo Ind - PG,SG Klay Thompson GS - SG,SF Jabari Parker Mil - SF,PF Serge Ibaka Tor - PF,C Hassan Whiteside Mia - C I think my team seems best built for punting assists. Best players I'm dropping Eric Gordon Seth Curry Wilson Chandler Richaun Holmes Jahlil Okafor Any advice about players to target during draft or realistic trade
  12. He was aggressive but they also ran plays for him. I'm especially impressed by the last shot where he put the ball on the floor.
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