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  1. I’m not huge on this either. D’s are good supplements to other core deals. I also agree that Lindsays ROS value is not gonna be great. If anything he’s a handcuff to Gordon
  2. I might package Conner with Hollywood and get a decent WR along with Jrob
  3. Yea it’s hard to say without seeing your roster (on mobile so sry if it’s in your sig) but unless you’re deep at RB and need help at WR I’d rather have the top one. ARob is def the better WR but good RBs/TEs are harder to come by and though Kittle is better than Andrews we’re basically talking about the #1 vs the #2/3
  4. I don’t hate the idea but don’t expect Bilichick to keep ramming a QB with an injury history in to opposing DLines, he’s smarter than that. I expect those goal line TDs to taper off at some point.
  5. Here’s a thought: I know his numbers have been great but, to me, Conner is the guy you want to sell. His injury history is worrisome and Gibson is just getting started. If I were you I’d be more concerned about your WR situation, Golladays been a borderline WR1/2 and who knows what McLaurins gonna look like with Flacco at QB. Higgins is looking good (I grabbed him!)but he’s still a long shot from being a weekly starter
  6. I like Chark more than Juju and I think Keenan/Chark are about a wash. I honestly don’t see Penny having too much of an impact on Carson’s opportunities, the only concern I’d have with Carson is injury history but I wouldn’t go as far to call him “prone” Try to sell Kelley to Ekeler/Chubb owner, his value goes down when Ekeler comes back so that’s a big limit on his value when you’re already solid at RB and don’t have to start him Also depending how you feel about Montgomery ROS you may consider him a “sell high”. I honestly think he does well with Cohen out
  7. I’ll start by saying I’m one of those ppl who avoid Conner like the plague, he’s great when he’s on the field but his injury history worries me, so I’d prioritize moving him if I were you. You probably know this already but I’ll say it anyway, target the team who has Ekeler, Chubb, Saquon, even Mostert (I feel like McKinnon earned himself a role even when Mostert comes back). I think Tonyan is the one to keep amongst your TEs, Hurst May still have some trade value if packaged with Conner. But if we see one more week of good production from Tonyan I think you’ll be more co
  8. You’ve got it, Chark/Johnson/Boyd. I know it’s probably really tempting to play Lamb but, even as bad as Dallas’ D is, I can’t see NYG putting up a ton of points, I think Zeke gets featured in that one.
  9. Yea I’m with the others. I think Woods/Lamb are the ones with Gibson at flex. Who knows what happens with McLaurin but I can’t see him scoring a bunch of points with Flacco at QB...unless they end up down by a lot by halftime Thanks for mine
  10. I think Bridgewater. That ATL D is aweful and I think Carolina is better than ppl give them credit, even without CMC
  11. No you can get more for Wilson. I’d see what HOU does this week and hope the Watson market gets better cause you should keep Russ if you can can I follow up mine? how about just Brees/Kelley for Mahomes?
  12. What if it was just Kelley/Brees for Mahomes?
  13. I think it’s really close but I’d take Tonyan. Rodgers is on a mission and I think Tonyan will be a part of that thanks for the help
  14. Schultz and Engram (vs Cowboys...gotta do that)
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