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  1. I'm in a 16 team standard 9 cat H2H league with FAAB. My team is in signature. An inpatient owner waived Whiteside. I cannot blaim him for doing so, with how he has played and I don't see any clear path for more minutes. But I could use a shot blocker in my team. Should I bid on him by dropping Crowder? Thanks in advance. WHIR
  2. In a 16 team standard 9 cat H2H league I've got offered Chris Boucher for my Cam Reddish. My team is in dig. I have plenty of sg/sf/PF but I could use another one shot blocker, but on pure rest of season value who do you think will be better? Thanks in advance. WHIR
  3. Hi all and happy new year, I'm in a 16 team standard 9 cat H2H league. My team is in signature. I was thinking of sending some buy low offers for RoCo and Oubre. Thinking of offering either Cam Reddish or Keldon Johnson? Any thoughts? Which one should I propose for either one of them? Whir. Thanks in advance!
  4. Wrong thread, ask in Assistant Coach for trade advice please.
  5. My Horford and Siakam for his Capela and sweet Lou.. I still count it as a win, but it was almost 2 weeks ago, so I believe I could get some more now with Siakam..
  6. If instead of Rondo I can get Simmons? Or instead of J. Rich give up Prince or RHJ?
  7. I'n in a 16team 9cat H2H league. My team is: DSJ, McCollum, J. Rich, Batum, Lamb, Prince, A. Gordon, RHJ, KAT, Collins- Bender as a streamer and Milsap in my IL spot. He proposes my richardson+lamb+collins for his M. Turner+Rondo+Iguodala. Should I take it?
  8. Without knowing your team and if you are stashing LaVine or you have him in an IL spot it's tough to say. With a glance, it's not the best deal you could have make. If you were stashing LaVine and needed the spot to fight for a playoff spot, and also being an Embiid owner makes it OK.
  9. Actually I've won 7/9 weeks the boards. I'm petty fine. But I suck at assists and I'm pretty bad at steals so Paul is a good move for me. I'm gonna try a 3v3 KAT+Richardon+Lamb for Paul+Harris+Ibaka and if he doesn't bite I'm gonna go for Paul and Ibaka for KAT and Bogdanovic.
  10. Thank you very much for your answer and the time you spent. To be clear you would prefer Paul's side even in a 2v2 (KAT+Bogdanovic vs Paul+Ibaka)? If I want the 3v3 for Paul + Ibaka + Harris I would have to give him KAT + Lamb + Richardson (instead of Bogdanovic). Is this one still a win for me?
  11. He also says that he could do his Paul + Ibaka for my KAT + Bogdanovic/Lamb, I don't think that I like this one, but I can hear some thoughts.
  12. I'm in a 16team 9cat H2H league. My team is in sig. Should I give away my KAT + Lamb + Bogdanovic for his Lowry + Ibaka + T. Harris? Was trying to get Paul instead of Lowry but he counter offered Lowry. Is it enough value in return for KAT? Thanks, leave your post for WHIR.
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