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  1. I'd go Drake. It's close between him and Woods, but the tie breaker goes to the RB imo.
  2. I'd hold. I'm a fan of Jefferson. Especially if Cooks is out/dinged up.
  3. If you can withstand losing a RB, then smash. Once healthy, Godwin is a stud.
  4. Got another Julio Trade offer. My league starts three WRs and is standard scoring. I'm currently weak at WR. My starting three are Adams, Hardman, and Jefferson. My starting RBs are Jacob's, Drake/Edmonds, and ROJO. I was offered Julio, Mattison, and Damien Harris for ROJO. Am I overanalyzing, or is this an auto slam? Lol will help in return. Thanks!
  5. Take that to the bank and run! RBs > WRs, especially on value. Taylor is a bona-fide RB1 ROS, barring injury.
  6. I personally would take Julio. Julio is slightly more banged up, but the talent is just too much to deny. JUJU did already have his bye, so you got that much going for his side.
  7. Hey all! I'm willing to help in return, but here's the situation. I'm giving up Gurley and Scottie Mills in TB for Julio and Gaskin. My RBs are currently Jacobs, Taylor, and Hunt. I've also got Lindsey and ROJO on the bench. My WRs are a bit thin with Thomas out, but I'm starting Ridley, Landry, and Gage/Scottie currently with Thomas out. My league starts three WRs with a flex option of a fourth. Julio scares me, but so does losing any bit of RB depth during this tumultuous season. Any advice? Scoring are standard, non PPR.
  8. I'd go with Fant. His target share should be ridiculously high tonight.
  9. I take the "hot hand" approach with TEs. Mo Allie has the highest upside and is on fire with Rivers recently. I'd go with the hot hand, especially if Julio sits again.
  10. Mixon, Taylor, and Henderson, easy. Solid RBs! https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/826368-julio-trade-whir/
  11. Hello all! I'm in a standard league with rosters as 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, K, D, and a flex that can be a RB/WR/TE. I currently have ROJO and Gurley on my bench and the owner is willing to deal my Julio and Bell in return. My team is hurting at WR, as I am a Thomas owner. Should I make this deal? My starting RBs are solid, but in afraid of losing my depth and especially with Julios hammy. Will help in return!
  12. I'm hurting for WR help, as I went Thomas in the first. I'm starting Landry, Ridley, and Davis.
  13. I absolutely wouldn't take that deal. I'd look to move Drake/Edmonds or a McKinnon/Gibson pair. CEH is a top ten lock at his position each week, barring injury. Can't give up that talent. Help in return?
  14. I wouldn't sacrifice that much depth imo I would rather buy a bandaid, if you can weather the storm. I think Cooper will explode once his line goes back to being elite.
  15. I'd run to the podium before it goes away! Please help in return?
  16. Hey all! Willing to lend a helping hand for some additional advice needed. I'm in a ten team standard scoring. 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, K, D. I'm giving up Gurley and ROJO and receiving Julio and Bell. Thoughts?
  17. I think health is the reason for Detroit taking Swift when they did. Johnson has been unable to stay consistently healthy in his short career. Two knee injuries in the NFL, two shoulder injuries at Auburn, and hammies tossed in all around. Swift is viewed as the more talented back for a staff that's on the hot seat. Swift has the potential to have a 2019 Miles Sanders type explosion if Johnson goes down or just isn't as good as Swift. Detroit has weapons across the field, so they should move the ball pretty efficiently, barring injuries.
  18. PFFs fantasy projections certainly weren't kind for Murray/Zona. 23 TDs and less than 500 rushing yards would be bad considering his ADP. I think his production is pegged for higher ends as his defense will still be bad, and the division they play in is, arguably, the best in football. Is he above the Matt Ryan/Josh Allen tier, or in line with them?
  19. I entered him straight into the tier with Chubb and Mixon. Reid has a clear history of favoring a lead guy he likes. As long as CEH can withstand the workload, he'll feast. I'm pick ten in a redraft, and I'm praying he falls to the turn in round two.
  20. I meant in real life. Apologies, I assumed it was implied.
  21. I'd personally take Chubb, Zeke, a healthy Cook, and maybe Kamara as well over Henry, but he's definitely a great top ten RB in today's game. I thought the contract extension was great for both sides.
  22. Agreed. Murray was playing through injuries and on an overall poor team the previous year. It was also Chip Kelley's final season, FWIW. Murray was then traded to Tennessee and signed an extension immediately. Murray's historical season was also two years prior to his first season in Tennessee. For Mack, he was a fourth rounder from the previous regime who was finally able to take over the starting role this year. I don't understand why the current regime would move up to take Taylor, only to sit him while in their win now mode with Rivers. I try to listen to actions moreso than words on situations like this. It seems Indy is spelling out exactly what they want to do, but certain peeps in the thread seem to wanna point in the other direction. I'll guess we'll see come September.
  23. Ah, you're speaking in terms of actual football production. Even in that regard, I'd still probably take Jimmy G, not Newton. Not sure what argument you can make for Newton over Brady in real life terms though.
  24. If you're subscribing to content advising Jimmy G or Newton over Brady, you may want to unsubscribe. I'm more lax on Brady than most, by I'd still take Brady over both. I'm surprised though that there hasn't been more talk about Donovan Smith's Covid comments. Obviously, players will certainly sit out this season, but Smith would be crucial for the line.
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