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  1. I'd recommend you get KPJ off of your rooster and fast-forward your time to 2021
  2. He would be a triple double alert every game as the primary ball handler... Similar to Westbrook but with more 3s and less rebs. With Wall, he would have to learn to be efficient off the ball to keep up to the hype he still gets. I own him in all 4 of my teams haha
  3. I traded Kemba for Anderson in my 9-cat league.
  4. Just traded this man for Lamelo. 🤞
  5. Houston wings and guards are very crowded and Kevin Porter is on the way as well... But this kid is still getting lots of minutes with just Wall out at this point. His 3s and stocks are produced at super high rate. Definitely worth holding in 12 team leagues until further notice.
  6. Yes, why not take another flier? Upside is definitely there. Also don't overlook his low TOs. I find he has great advantage over his opponents with his combination of length and speed. He could be a great attacking PG that can make some 3s. Wouldn't expect more than 5 asts a game though even if he starts.
  7. Surprised to see there's no thread on this man. A champion! Thoughts on his last 3 games? He looks to be coming alive.
  8. FYI Ariza in the remainder of this season could produce that with his new role in Portland. Reddish indeed looks to have turned the corner but his 3's may not be as consistent as Ariza. He is an all-around performer for sure. I'm considering dropping D Hunter but these two seem so similar.
  9. Larry and Drummond sound like they can produce together as displayed in the last game. The only factor is how soon will Love be shut down? Achilles is a serious business.
  10. It is frustrating understandably. PJ and Wagner are similar in their current value while PJ gets more minutes. (5-10 min) PJ's consistency is also worse than Wagner given the games so far this year. Actually, he is barely roster-worthy in 12-team leagues -- Bad fg% ft% TO scoring It's when he fills the stat sheet with 3 3's 3 steals and 2 blocks, that gets owners hooked up. The only base to hope for is the more minutes after the break but he still has Bridges as a big barrier for max production. It's not so crazy to drop this dude for players on waiver. He is only an okay s
  11. He has one of the most impressive stats per TO ratio, perhaps I’ve ever seen.
  12. Applaud for the dramatic turnaround and showing that he is still a great player. Prime example of a player who needs a delicate load management.
  13. He is kinda like Damion Lee in the way that even with plenty of minutes, they aren’t consistent.
  14. Crowder also wasn't the only blocker for Melton. He ultimately played better when Morant wasn't on the court. I don't see the needle moving so much yet. I hope I'm wrong though...
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